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for Hunting and shooting

List the things that make it a challenge to have great hearing protection while hunting or shooting. 

– Why you want a sophisticated or custom earplug that lets  you hear the small sounds around you.
– Why is it great to hear those important sounds without having to remove your hearing protection first.
– What is not great about cheaper, less-good earplugs. What’s annoying?
– How do EAR products solve those problems?

EarPod and Earphone Silicone Sleeves for Shooting

Hunters and Shooters: Use your in-ear devices AND get the best available hearing protection with custom 3D printed silicone earplug sleeves that go around your device and are molded to your ears. Turn your device into an earplug!

Featured: Peltor Earmuffs for Hunting and Shooting

Peltor earmuffs for hunting and shooting hearing protection are a product line by 3M.

Peltor earmuffs for shooting are widely recognized as the best in class:
— exceptional noise reduction capabilities
— exceptional comfort

These earmuffs are specifically designed to offer superior hearing protection in various environments, ranging from industrial workplaces to recreational activities that involve high noise levels.

Peltor earmuffs typically feature a robust, yet lightweight design, making them suitable for prolonged use without causing discomfort. They often come in a variety of models, each tailored to specific needs and environments.

One of the standout features of Peltor earmuffs is their noise reduction rating (NRR). This rating indicates the level of sound protection provided by the earmuffs. Peltor models usually offer a high NRR, effectively reducing the impact of hazardous noise and helping to prevent long-term hearing damage. This makes them an essential safety tool in environments where noise levels exceed safe thresholds.

3M Peltor Tactical 500 – Bluetooth is a Peltor earmuff bluetooth model that offers shooting ear protection and high impact industrial hearing protection.

Featured: ShotHunt Electronic Earplugs for Shooting

Benefits of ShotHunt Custom-Fit Shooting Earplugs

Custom-fit shooting earplugs, like those in the SHOTHUNT™ Series, offer numerous benefits over standard ear protection. The custom fit ensures that the earplugs stay securely in place, even during intense activities, providing consistent protection against loud noises. This personalized fit also enhances comfort, allowing users to wear the earplugs for extended periods without discomfort. Offered by EAR Customized Hearing.

Advanced Noise Reduction and Hearing Amplification

One of the standout features of high-quality shooting earplugs is their ability to provide advanced noise reduction while still allowing for hearing amplification. This is crucial for shooters who need to hear ambient sounds and communication while protecting their ears from harmful noise levels. The SHOTHUNT™ Series uses cutting-edge technology to reduce impulse noises, such as gunshots, while amplifying quieter sounds for situational awareness.

Durability with P2i Aridion™ Nanotechnology

Shooting earplugs must withstand various environmental conditions. The SHOTHUNT™ Series incorporates P2i Aridion™ nanotechnology, making the earplugs water-resistant and durable. This technology protects the earplugs from moisture and dust, ensuring they last longer and maintain their protective qualities in different shooting environments.

Easy to Locate and Use

Available in hunter orange, SHOTHUNT™ earplugs are easy to locate, ensuring you don’t lose them in the field. Their intuitive design makes them simple to use, even for beginners. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to the sport, these earplugs provide reliable and user-friendly hearing protection.

Enhanced Shooting Experience

Using high-quality shooting earplugs enhances your overall shooting experience. By providing superior noise reduction, comfort, and situational awareness, they allow you to focus on your sport without worrying about hearing damage. Investing in advanced ear protection like the SHOTHUNT™ Series ensures that you can enjoy shooting activities while preserving your auditory health for years to come.

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User Reviews

A girl wearing a pink hat is aiming at a rifle while using custom hearing protection.
"With E.A.R. custom molded hearing protection, Trystan now has 35NRR of hearing protection, pretty much the highest protection rating you can get.
Now she can get a better cheek weld on her rifle and be a LOT better protected at indoor ranges."
"Since the moment we started using these, we haven't looked back. With these plugs, we can hear range commands and hold a conversation. The plugs protect our ears from the loud gunfire which is obviously the most important part. I suffer from migraines that are generally triggered by loud noises and since using these plugs they have greatly reduced the headaches!"
Hearing Protection for shooters

Custom fit earplugs can be a gamechanger for your longterm hearing health.

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