E.A.R. is still serving you during the pandemic. In fact, this is a good time to get your products serviced or repaired. Or upgrade to a better listening system.
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Do you wish you could keep your hearing aids in
while you wear ear plugs?

>>  One of a Kind Product, Developed In-House by E.A.R. <<

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NEW: Minuendo: award-winning variable attenuation ear plugs

Shothunt: Small convenient digital electronic hearing protector, used primarily for firearm sports.

MHS 360: A discreet, multi-functional, electronic hearing protection system

NEW: Soundgear Phantom Earplugs: the latest tech in rechargeable bluetooth electronic earplugs
NEW: Chameleon Ears Custom Sleeves: 3D printed molds that enclose earbuds and other in-ear devices. Get up to 32 decibels of sound suppression (32 NRR)!

e.a.r. - hearing protection you can trust

Over 50 years of the highest quality custom hearing protection available.
Leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized hearing systems,
both custom and universal fit.


World-wide distribution

We distribute hearing protection products to over 2500 places worldwide.
Our network of providers take custom molds of your ears and distribute our products wherever you are located.


History of innovation

Founded in 1971. During the 80's, E.A.R. was the primary vehicle for developing the National Ear Care Plan which serviced large industrial corporations throughout the US.


industrial hearing protection

From our founding, E.A.R. has worked with a variety of large businesses and industries to help them comply with regulations for hearing protection.


custom and universal fit

We custom-fit corporate groups on-site for specific on-the-job hearing protection.
But we also offer a wide selection of universal-fit earplugs that use the same tech found in our custom products.

NEW: Minuendo. The world’s only Hi-Fi filter

>> Winner of the 2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Award <<

Minuendo are acoustic earplugs that provide high-quality sound reduction with no loss.
Easily turn down the volume on the noisy environments you’re in.
Feel more calm and enjoy everyday activities and events like never before.

Great for anywhere things get too loud: work, concerts, events, church, restaurants, school, etc.

minuendo 2021 hearing tech innovator award

Introducing: Minuendo

A man singing into a microphone at a concert wearing minuendo ear plugs.
Minuendo logo in red with clear background
Minuendo ear plugs with variable attenuation
E.A.R. Training Seminars and 2021 Schedules.

-- Training Seminars OPEN for Registration --


Knowledge is a valuable career asset, and we are proud to announce the E.A.R. Education and Training Programs . With E.A.R.’s 50+ years of experience in industrial and recreational markets and Dr. Robert Traynor’s 46 years of clinical and academic experience we have teamed up to provide a variety of programs that will assist hearing healthcare providers to take advantage of a new area opportunity in this highly competitive market.These new programs offer a fresh approach to hearing healthcare marketing,

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E.A.R. Training Seminars and Schedules

GUIDELINES FOR SELECTING COURSES Three specific training programs are offered by E.A.R. Inc. Guidelines and dates for making choices are described below. Review the course descriptions to determine which one is best suited to meet your needs and fill out the form below so we can direct you to the correct registration process. Currently, we have three CAOHC courses scheduled for Occupational Hearing Conservationists. CAOHC courses are designed for those that maintain onsite industrial hearing conservation programs. CAHOC courses recommended

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For more information email: [email protected]


Shothunt - For Hunting and Shooting Sports

Do you want the most advanced hearing protection for hunting and shooting?

SHOTHUNT earplugs give you all the benefits of situational awareness while still protecting your ears from damage.

Hear the small crunch of leaves and the sound of others speaking while you save your ears from the shock of your shooting sounds.

iHeartradio with ross kaminsky

Radio host Ross Kaminsky loves E.A.R. earplugs. He says: “Get exactly the right kind of hearing protection. Do the right thing for yourself and your employees.Protect one of your most precious and fragile senses with E.A.R. Customized Hearing Protection.” Click here to listen to Ross:
garry gordon makes a custom earmold of ross kaminsky who gives thumbs up.

Specialized motorcycle hearing protection

Do you know what the biggest cause of hearing damage is for bikers? It’s actually not the rumble of a Harley, it’s wind noise!

We have a soft spot for bikers and we offer special products just for motorcyclists, both custom and universal fits.

Read more about motorcycle-specific earplugs here.

SHOt show

We love meeting all the hunting and shooting enthusiasts at the Shot Show! 

We have amazing products specifically for hunting and shooting and we answer questions, make product recommendations, and even custom fit you on-site.

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Apple airpods in the ear of a young girl.
Recreational Audiology

An Urgent Word of Caution Regarding Use of Earphones for Hearing Protection While Shooting

BY GARRY G. GORDON, M.S. AUDIOLOGIST/ INSTRUCTOR www.earinc.com According to U.S. News and World Report, statistics from the National Heart Interview Survey show that from 1971 to 1990 hearing problems among young people ages 45 to 65 increased 26 percent, and among those ages 18-44 hearing deficiencies grew by 17 percent. Another study conducted in Alameda County, California over a period of three decades indicated hearing loss for men between the ages of 50 – 59 leapt by more than

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A pair of E.A.R. inc multifunctional hearing aids on a white background.

New Hearing Protection Options for Workers with Hearing Loss

In today’s global environment, the ramifications of excessive noise exposure could not be more apparent.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unaddressed hearing loss is the third most common health disability—ahead of diabetes, vision loss or cancer. The two primary factors causing hearing loss are excessive noise exposure and aging-related presbycusis.1 Traditionally, reaching 65 years of age meant a person had become an “old timer,” ready for retirement. Due to better healthcare and knowledge of successful medical treatments, the

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