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Digital Otoscopes:
FDA Registered Technology - Safe Earwax Removal - Lighted Camera with Video - See Where to Place Otoblocks - Diagnostic Tool - Optional Tweezers and Spoon - Easy to Use Software.

Digital Otoscopes for Hearing Professionals and Consumers
EAR/BeBird Product Line For Hearing Health

Digital Otoscope Products

Three options ranging from entry-level use to professional sophistication

The digital otoscopes we offer below are the only products of their kind and price that:

– connect to the internet via WiFi
– include the NOTE 5 that supports telemedicine by video sharing in real time

All digital otoscope units  provide excellent options for hearing healthcare providers who take ear impressions for hearing protection or hearing aids.

And all otoscopes include video capabilities for taking photos of the ear. 


Step into the future of ear health with EARinc’s digital otoscopes, where cutting-edge camera technology meets intuitive video diagnostics. Our FDA-compliant otoscopes are backed by powerful LED lights, providing crystal-clear 1080p HD imagery on robust IPS screens. With wi-fi connectivity, these devices sync effortlessly with your iPhone or Android device, bringing smart ear care directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Our otoscopes, designed with precision plastic engineering, are complemented by an array of tools including tweezers and ear spoons, elevating the earwax removal experience. The embedded battery is not just rechargeable; it’s built to last, giving you uninterrupted health monitoring capability. Whether you’re a professional or a home user, you’ll find our otoscopes are a perfect fit—sliding into your pocket with ease or becoming a staple in your medical cart.

For those who seek unparalleled quality, our otoscopes with their LED lights, enhanced by a full light spectrum, offer the best in ear care technology. Navigate through our range of otoscopes via our user-friendly app, and find the right tool, whether it’s the all-in-one solution or a specialized ear pick, for your healthcare needs.

EARinc’s otoscopes come with varying camera resolutions, from 720p to the full 1080p HD, ensuring you have the options you need. For the tech-savvy, we offer digital microscopes with wi-fi capabilities that go beyond traditional otoscope functions, allowing for throat examinations and more.

Order now and benefit from our lifetime warranty, because we believe in the durability of our products—from the smallest screw on the circuit board to the leather pouches that house our devices. With magnifications ranging up to 1000x, EARinc’s otoscopes are a gateway to a new dimension of healthcare.

 we share insights on ear health, product releases, and exclusive offers. Dive into our world, where every color hue and every megapixel makes a difference in diagnosing ear infections or ensuring ear hygiene. EARinc’s digital otoscopes are not just tools; they’re guardians of your auditory wellness.

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Discover the precision of EARinc’s digital otoscopes, featuring advanced cameras with up to 1080p HD video capabilities for comprehensive ear examinations. Our FDA-approved otoscopes are equipped with LED lights and a crisp IPS display, enhancing your ability to manage ear wax effectively. The wi-fi enabled devices pair seamlessly with both iPhone and Android devices, allowing you to view detailed images on your smartphone or tablet. With their all-in-one design, these otoscopes include built-in tools such as tweezers and ear spoons for safe earwax removal. Additionally, our otoscopes come with a rechargeable battery, ensuring they are ready when you are. Whether for healthcare professionals or at-home use, EARinc provides the perfect combination of technology and ease, all available in a sleek, portable form factor. Visit our product page to explore our range of otoscopes, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates, or purchase directly from our online cart.

What are your recommendations for ordering EAR/BeBird Otoscopes?

Providers: Order a bundled package to trial the full line. Multiple kits ensure you have back-up units charged and ready. After fitting thousands of molds, we know these are game-changers for ear exams and impressions.


Home Users: All models work for personal/family ear exams. The entry X-1 Digital Otoscope exceeds a standard otoscope. The Note 5 Digital Otoscope enables real-time telemedicine consults. They also make great gifts for improved ear hygiene.

Introduction to Digital Otoscopes

EAR/BeBird’s digital otoscopes represent a new era in ear examination, ear wax management, and custom mold fittings for both healthcare providers and home users. 

With over 40 years of experience, EAR Customized Hearing has developed these tools to efficiently address common issues like excessive ear wax buildup.

Product Range and Features

What Products Are Available?

Each otoscope model features high-quality cameras and interchangeable tips for wax removal and ear mold preparation.

Connectivity and Use

How Do These Otoscopes Connect to Devices?

The otoscopes connect to smartphones or tablets using WiFi. This allows for real-time image transmission, making the otoscopes valuable for both professionals and home users.

Digital Otoscope Product Information

For detailed features and specifications of each digital otoscope model, you can explore the product descriptions.

Comparing the Otoscope Models

What Sets Each Ditigal Otoscope Apart

The Note 5 otoscope is known for its unique robotic tweezer system and live video sharing.

The M9-S Pro Standard otoscope and X-1 otoscope models are praised for their clear illumination tips, aiding in procedures like placing otoblocks.

Benefits of EAR/BeBird Technology

These affordable, cordless digital otoscopes offer high-quality imaging for ear care, making them a popular choice for both professional and personal use.

Versatile Applications

Where Can Digital Otoscopes Be Used?

In addition to clinical settings, these otoscopes are effective for demonstrations at trade shows, seminars, and appointments, enhancing traditional ear care methods.

Safety and Home Use of Digital Otoscopes

Can These Be Safely Used at Home?

Yes, especially the basic otoscope models, which are designed for safe and effective ear cleaning.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Otoscope Technology?

  • Audiologists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Hearing Aid Dispensers
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Consumers
  • Veterinary Medicine

Certification and Standards

Are These Devices FDA Registered?

Yes, the otoscopes are registered and designed for various audiology uses.

Beyond Examination

Additional Benefits for Providers

These otoscopes can be used in creative marketing strategies to increase referrals and enhance practice growth.

Manufacturing and Customization

EAR/BeBird has a dedicated lab for manufacturing custom products, accessible to providers.

Recommendations for Ordering

Tips for Providers and End Users

Providers are encouraged to order bundled  packages, while end users can choose any digital otoscope model for personal or family ear exams.

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