E.A.R. is still serving you during the pandemic. In fact, this is a good time to get your products serviced or repaired. Or upgrade to a better listening system.
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Printable Forms

Printable order forms for custom, non-custom, and miscellaneous items.

Electronic Earplug Order Forms
Digital Series/Non-Programmable-Programmable Custom-Fit Electronic Earplugs Order Form
HearDefender® Custom-Fit Electronic Earplugs Order Form

Non-Electronic Earplug Order Form

Chameleon Earplug Order Form

Music/Audio Monitors Order Forms
Professional Monitors Online Order Form

Ear Muffs Order Forms
Passive Ear Muff Online Order Form

Foam Earplugs Order Forms
Foam Earplugs Online Order Form

Reusable/Temporary Earplugs Order Forms
Reusable Earplug Online Order Form

Water Sports Items Order Forms

PROEAR Scuba Mask Online Order Form
Hearing Aid Accessories/Miscellaneous Items Order Forms
Battery/Accessories Online Order Form
Hearing Maintenance Products Online Order Form

Return Merchandise Authorization Form
Return Merchandise Authorization Form 

Electronic Repair Request Form
Electronic Repair Request Form