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Insta-Mold® Solid Ear Plugs

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Sold in Single Ear or in Pairs.
Volume pricing is available.

Unlike ordinary “impression” silicone, Insta-Mold’s® are made with stronger and more durable instant, on-the-spot, silicone material.  Thus, lasting the average user of between 2-4 years with daily use and care.  Of course, we have had many people report much longer use depending on their activities.

custom-madeThe Insta-Mold® are a custom made product.

To Order:

Please click below if you are interested in having E.A.R., or an Authorized Provider, contact you for a custom fitting. We will do our best to find the provider nearest your location. Typically you should receive a email from our office within 24-48 hours with provider information.

Insta-Mold® Solid Ear Plugs

The Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs are the most advanced instant silicone product line available to the hearing healthcare industry. Insta-Mold’s® are custom-fit earplugs made on-the-spot by E.A.R., Inc., or Authorized Provider.

Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs are offered without a cord, or with a cord of your choice – Removable Reflective Lanyard, Screw-In Removable Reflective Lanyard, Screw-In Removable Lanyard, Slip-Removable Lanyard) and come in a variety of color choices that can be swirled if requested.


Protect Your Hearing with Custom Mold and Insta Mold Ear Plugs – Ear Inc

Protecting your hearing is paramount in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Ear Inc. offers premium custom mold and insta mold ear plugs to provide the perfect fit and seal for your ears so you can continue to engage in activities while reducing noise-induced hearing loss.

With years of experience, Ear Inc.’s products are designed with high-quality materials and are manufactured to meet or exceed noise reduction standards. Custom mold earplugs are handy for individuals with unique ear shapes and sizes, providing maximum comfort and protection.

Insta mold earplugs are quick and easy to use and create a mold of your ear in just a few minutes. Refrain from sacrificing your hearing by settling for ill-fitting or ineffective earplugs. Choose Ear Inc.’s custom mold, and install mold ear plugs for a comfortable, secure, and effective solution.

Experience Enhanced Hearing Protection

When it comes to maintaining your auditory health, one factor becomes paramount: the quality of your hearing protection. Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs, part of the most advanced instant silicone product line in the hearing healthcare industry, offer an unparalleled experience.

These custom mold earplugs safeguard your ears from loud noise levels and ensure an excellent fit that suits your unique ear structure.

What Makes Insta-Mold Earplugs Unique?

Unlike traditional earplugs, Insta-Mold Earplugs are crafted using a more durable, instant, on-the-spot silicone material. This ensures the product’s longevity, lasting the average user between 2-4 years with daily use and proper care.

Insta-Mold provides the best protection against hearing loss as a custom-fit earplug while delivering an exceptional fit that minimizes discomfort and the risk of ear infections. With their variety of color choices, these plugs don’t just work well; they look great too.

  • They are a part of the most advanced instant silicone product line.
  • With their custom-fit feature, they provide personalized ear protection.
  • Designed for durability, these earplugs are an investment for your hearing health.
  • Their silicone material ensures they won’t degrade or lose effectiveness over time.

The Superiority of Custom Mold Earplugs

Custom mold earplugs offer distinct advantages over generic foam plugs or earmuffs. They are shaped to fit the unique contours of your inner ear, ensuring a comfortable fit and superior noise reduction. They are easy to clean and designed for repeated use, making them a sustainable choice. As an added benefit, Insta-Mold earplugs can be customized with a cord, making them harder to lose and easier to store when not in use.

A Wide Range of Applications

For the Audiophiles

The remarkable SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) of these earplugs and their excellent NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) make them an excellent choice for audiophiles. Whether you’re a DJ, a concert-goer, or someone who values high-quality sound, these earplugs ensure an immersive experience free from external noise interference.

For the Shooters

Our solid earplugs are particularly favored by shooters for their ability to significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage from firearm noise. Their custom-fit design, combined with excellent noise attenuation, gives the shooters the peace of mind they need during their practice sessions or competitions.

For the Motorcyclists

Regarding motorcycling, Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs are the way to go. By reducing wind and engine noise, these earplugs allow riders to focus on the road and enjoy their journey, providing a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Revolutionary Silicone Material for Durable and Comfortable Earplugs

Insta-Mold’s unique instant silicone material distinguishes it as the most advanced instant silicone product line in the hearing healthcare industry. These earplugs are more durable than ordinary “impression” silicone and offer an impressive lifespan.

For the average user, expect your Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs to last 2-4 years with daily use and appropriate care. Their durability makes them an excellent solution not only for individuals but also for workforce and group fittings.

  • Custom-fit earplugs that mold perfectly to your inner ear
  • Made from durable instant silicone, built to withstand daily use
  • A lifespan of 2-4 years for the average user, offering excellent value for money
  • Ideal for group fittings, from industries to recreational groups

Custom-fit for Optimum Comfort and Noise Attenuation

Discomfort and ill-fitting earplugs are common problems faced by many individuals. With Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs, those issues are a thing of the past.

These earplugs are custom-fit to your inner ear and offer a snug and secure fit. Whether you’re sleeping, riding a motorcycle, or at a loud concert, they provide the best protection against varying noise levels. Plus, their custom-fit nature reduces the risk of ear infections from ill-fitting plugs.

  • Customized fitting to offer optimum comfort and effective noise reduction
  • Reduced risk of ear infections with a secure, perfect fit
  • Effective for a variety of activities – sleeping, motorcycle riding, concerts, and more

A Colorful Variety for Your Style

Your earplugs do not have to be bland. Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs come in various color choices, allowing you to express your style. If you fancy, colors can be swirled for a unique look. Whether you prefer discreet tones to match your skin tone or vibrant hues that pop, there’s a color to suit every style.

Your Hearing Safety, Our Priority

As leaders in the hearing healthcare industry, we’re dedicated to providing top-quality, innovative solutions like our Insta-Mold Solid Earplugs. Our commitment extends beyond just providing you with the best ear protection. We offer group fittings, ensuring that your workforce or team gets the best fit for their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs different from regular foam earplugs?

Unlike foam earplugs, Insta-Mold earplugs are custom-fitted to your ear, providing better noise reduction and a more comfortable fit. They are also made from a more durable silicone material, extending their lifespan.

How long can I expect my Insta-Mold® earplugs to last?

Insta-Mold earplugs can last between 2-4 years with proper care and daily use. However, longevity may vary based on individual usage patterns and care.

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.5 in