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E.A.R. MHS™ 360 Electronic Ear plugs Accessories


Several options are available to outfit your custom-fit Chameleon Ear™ PRO MHS™ 360 Earplug Sleeves with the latest technology in general hearing protection and music based products.

E.A.R. MHS™ 360 Electronic Ear plugs Accessories

The Chameleon Ear™ PRO MHS™ 360 Custom-Fit Sleeves can be accessorized with the following modules…

Additional upgrades available for these include:

  • MHS™ (Modular Hearing Systems) Electronic Hearing Protection:  These modules are available in two digital model styles.  One featuring a “spin dial” volume option, and the other with a “push-button” volume option.  Please click here to review.
  • MHS 360 Solid Slugs (NRR ~30-34):  This slug is used to turn your “custom-fit” MHS 360 Earpieces into “solid” earplugs.
  • DECf Series Passive Musician Filtered Slugs  (NRR 10, 16, 20, 25):  This slug is available in four different attenuation levels and carries a flatter attenuation curve for users that want to enjoy concerts, play or sing in a band, be in louder environments and need to hear, as well as general sound engineer mixing.  (Filters are white in color).
  • DECi/DECx Series Variable Impulse Single Filtered Slugs (NRR ~18-34):  This slug is a single filtered, variable, attenuator that allows for better overall proximity awareness vs the passive acoustic filtered slug.  Used mainly outdoors, the attenuation levels will vary as the noise increases, and decreases, around the user.  The DECi is the filter alone.  The DECx is the filter with a closing tab to disengage the filter during use.  (Filters are black in color).
  • DECm Series Motorsports Filtered Slugs (NRR ~15-18):  This slug is used within motorsports to reduce wind a road noise, but still help the use hear helmet mounted speakers, or ambient noises surrounding them a bit better.  (Filters are black in color).
  • HearDefender®-DF Variable Dual-Filtered Slugs (NRR ~24-38):  This slug features a dual-filter design with a resonance cavity for vocal tones to be heard better through louder environments.  This is highly used within indoor, and outdoor, shooting sports, as well as industrial use.  This filter will also vary in attenuation much like the one above.
  • iPlugz®, Dual-Driver, High-Definition Sports Music Monitors (3.5mm Stereo Straight Jack Plug-In):  This harness is a dual speaker sports monitor.  It features an inline +/- volume control, and external mic, for phone and music use while plugged into your audio device.
  • iPlugz®, Dual-Driver, High-Definition Bluetooth v5.2 Sports Music Monitors:  This harness is a dual speaker, Bluetooth sport monitor, with an IP4X waterproof rating, and v5.2 Bluetooth technology.  It features an external mic for phone use, with +/- volume control, and has roughly 10+ hours of constant audio use.  (USB, Type-C, recharging cable included)
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

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