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Game Changer!
Latest Upgraded Technology
for Video Otoscopy
... For Pets Too

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Game Changer ...
Latest Upgraded Technology
for Video Otoscopy


monthly specials

NEWDigital Otoscopes: 
These remarkable otoscopes allow you to show the inside of the ear on your phone or via telemedicine.

Shothunt earplugs: Small convenient digital earplug electronic hearing protector, used primarily for firearm sports.

NEW: SAVOX TRICS: SAVOX TRICS® Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller. Optimized Communication Solution for Mission Critical Operations

NEW: Soundgear Phantom Earplugs: the latest tech in rechargeable bluetooth electronic earplugs
NEW: Chameleon Ears Custom Sleeves: 3D printed molds that enclose earbuds and other in-ear devices. Get up to 32 decibels of sound suppression (32 NRR)!

e.a.r. - hearing protection you can trust

Over 50 years of the highest quality custom hearing protection available.
Leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized hearing systems,
both custom and universal fit.


World-wide distribution

We distribute hearing protection products to over 2500 places worldwide.
Our network of providers take custom molds of your ears and distribute our products wherever you are located.


History of innovation

Founded in 1971. During the 80's, E.A.R. was the primary vehicle for developing the National Ear Care Plan which serviced large industrial corporations throughout the US.


industrial hearing protection

From our founding, E.A.R. has worked with a variety of large businesses and industries to help them comply with regulations for hearing protection.


custom and universal fit

We custom-fit corporate groups on-site for specific on-the-job hearing protection like custom ear plugs
But we also offer a wide selection of universal-fit earplugs that use the same tech found in our custom products.

-- Training Seminars OPEN for Registration --


Knowledge is a valuable career asset, and we are proud to announce the E.A.R. Education and Training Programs . With E.A.R.’s 50+ years of experience in industrial and recreational markets and Dr. Robert Traynor’s 46 years of clinical and academic experience we have teamed up to provide a variety of programs that will assist hearing healthcare providers to take advantage of a new area opportunity in this highly competitive market.These new programs offer a fresh approach to hearing healthcare marketing,

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E.A.R. Training Seminars and Schedules

GUIDELINES FOR SELECTING COURSES Three specific training programs are offered by E.A.R. Inc. Guidelines and dates for making choices are described below. Review the course descriptions to determine which one is best suited to meet your needs and fill out the form below so we can direct you to the correct registration process. Currently, we have three CAOHC courses scheduled for Occupational Hearing Conservationists. CAOHC courses are designed for those that maintain onsite industrial hearing conservation programs. CAHOC courses recommended

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For more information email: [email protected]


Shothunt - For Hunting and Shooting Sports

Do you want the most advanced hearing protection for hunting and shooting?

SHOTHUNT earplugs give you all the benefits of situational awareness while still protecting your ears from damage.

Hear the small crunch of leaves and the sound of others speaking while you save your ears from the shock of your shooting sounds.

Articles and press

Earinc, Boulder Colorado, man using a Bebird digital otoscope and showing image of ear canal on smartphone

Ear Health and Safety

By: Garry Gordon, MS Article first published in Safety+Health magazine. What advice can I offer my employees who are hard of hearing because of ear wax? To keep the ear healthy, it’s not just a matter of wearing proper hearing protection to protect the ear from noise or water. It’s also a matter of keeping them clean. I’ve examined the ears of industrial workers for more than four decades, and three major issues come to the forefront: hearing loss, tinnitus and

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vets can use a video digital otoscope to check on dogs and pets ears check on their health. bebird note

Breakthrough: Digital Otoscope for Pets Empowers Everyday Pet Owners

Digital Otoscope for Pet Health Care Get a head start on your pet’s ear health today. BeBird Note 5 Digital Otoscope for PetsEspecially for Pet Owners: Digital Otoscope and Hearing Screener Bundle As devoted pet owners, we always strive to ensure the health and well-being of our furry friends. One of the challenges we often face is detecting and understanding health issues that aren’t immediately visible, especially in areas like the ears or other hard-to-reach spots. Whether it’s identifying the

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