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Chameleon Ears™ PRO Earphone Sleeves




Chameleon Ears PRO Custom Earbud Sleeves are super soft hydrophobic silicone sleeves that improve comfort and sound while virtually eliminating the danger of losing an earpiece. Great for travel, working out, or hanging out, Chameleon Ears PRO Earbud Sleeves also provide up to 32 decibels of sound suppression (32 NRR) making them perfect for use during loud activities like recreational shooting, metal and woodworking, and mowing the lawn!

Chameleon Ear PRO Earbud Sleeves are a custom-made 3D printed product and are available in a wide variety of brilliant colors. Because they are custom-made to match the size and shape of your ears, you’ll enjoy a low-profile, comfortable, and secure fit. Plus, you notice a clearer, richer sound at lower volumes due to their superior fit.

Chameleon Ear PRO Earbud Sleeves are suitable for Apple AirPods Gen 1, Apple AirPods Gen 2, Apple AirPods Pro, and virtually any earbud on the market today. Our custom lab requires impressions of your ears to make your earbud sleeves. Send us your ear impressions taken by one of E.A.R.’s local providers, or your audiologist, or by requesting a fully refundable DIY impression kit to get started.


To Order:

Print off the order form, and request from us to find your closest provider who will assist in completing your order correctly, take payment and send everything in for final processing.  OR, order a DIY Impression Kit and make your own ear impressions with help of a colleague, friend, or family member.  The price of the kit will be reimbursed when it is returned completely with appropriate order form(s).

Chameleon Ears™ PRO Earphone Sleeves

Chameleon Ears™ PRO Earbud Sleeves are made with a simple ear impression(s) and will “friction fit” most earphone systems to provide you with hassle-free, and hands-free capability. Whether talking on your cell phone or listening to your favorite music your Chameleon Ears™ PRO Earbud Sleeves will provide you with long lasting and comfortable wear.

Being a part of our Chameleon Ears™ PRO Series, these are 3D printed and your impressions are retained on file for future ordering.  3D printing is extremely accurate as the original ear impressions are never modified or cut down.  Meaning, whatever we receive is a direct copy, so that a precise fit can reproduced every time.

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 6.75 × 2.75 in