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E.A.R. Training Seminars and Schedules

earinc offers educational training seminars


Three specific training programs are offered by E.A.R. Inc. Guidelines and dates for making choices are described below. Review the course descriptions to determine which one is best suited to meet your needs and fill out the form below so we can direct you to the correct registration process.

Currently, we have three CAOHC courses scheduled for Occupational Hearing Conservationists. CAOHC courses are designed for those that maintain onsite industrial hearing conservation programs. CAHOC courses recommended by E.A.R, Inc provide posted dates and times. Private courses may be scheduled independently upon request.

All classes will be limited in size and subscribe to CDC COVID-19 safety recommendations.


This CAOHC (Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation) training seminar is an approved course for certification as an Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC) or for those that require OHC recertification in the U.S.A.

The full certification CAOHC course is 2 ½ days of instruction and practicum for those not previously CAOHC certified.

The one-day recertification refresher course is for those with unexpired CAOHC certification. Courses will be held at designated venues and times throughout the U.S.A.

Companies who prefer training at their site should simply indicate this preference on the form below and they will be contacted independently for arrangements. Upon successful completion of the examination CAOHC certificates are valid for a five-year period. CAOHC courses are designed to be product neutral but are permitted to show or describe products and services used throughout the hearing conservation industry.

NOTE: Those seeking recertification must ensure that their certificate is valid at the time of the course. If your certificate expires before the course is offered, an extension may be obtained by calling CAOHC at (414) 276-5338.

To register click here to go to

Who Should Attend: Occupational Health Nurses, Nurses, Physician’s Assistants, physicians, audiometric technicians, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, managers, and other safety personnel. 

NOTE: Participants seeking independent training for fitting customized hearing protection see section A or B on the form below
In some cases these training programs can be arranged to take place a day before or after each CAOHC seminar.


Check with [email protected] for other venues and/or to arrange private courses.


This course is specifically designed for audiologists and hearing health care providers interested in integrating their clinical skills and services into recreational and industrial markets ( 

Studies indicate that 47% of those that participate in activities such as trap, skeet, sporting clays and motorcycling have a noticeable hearing loss and purchase many of the custom fit options seen at and/or seek guidance in the purchase of hearing aids. Content includes description of the various industrial and recreational markets, requested products & services, set up procedures for trade shows, recreational events, and industrial accounts. 

All attendees experience hands-on practicum for reprogramming traditional hearing aids as earplugs, impression taking for specific types of laboratory HPDs, and instruction for on-site fabrication and modification of instant customized hearing protection.  

This is one day course will offer CEU credits for members of AAA and HIS for attending.


This course has been successfully conducted nationally and internationally and is provided for independent hearing protection providers (industrial, recreational, clinical, military or tactical) interested in learning proper procedures for fitting and /or marketing custom hearing protection and communication systems. 

Courses may be scheduled at E.A.R, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado or at your preferred location. Instruction and practicum are approximately 4-6 hours and includes all supplies. Training will also review the principles of industrial and recreational hearing conservation. Other topics include the newest HPD innovations in products and services such as modular electronic hearing protection, communications systems, digital recording of impressions, as well as the latest technologies in variable attenuators such as HearDefenders, and Minuendos. 

This course is updated on a regular basis and has been successfully conducted throughout North America and internationally.

Class size: Recommended not to exceed 4/per instructor.

Dates & Costs: This course is set up independently and can be arranged to occur in Boulder, Colorado or at your site.

E.A.R., Inc. has also conducted this course internationally for companies and providers involved with marketing hearing protection.