ShotHunt Features Summary

  • Standard Fit adapts to most ear canal shapes. No fitting required.
  • Ergonomic, Half-Shell design prevents slippage.
  • Memory Foam pad ensures a perfect, comfortable fit and adherence to all ear canals.
  • 100% digital processor featuring multi-channel technology that eliminates only harmful sounds, leaving high frequencies clear and easy to hear.
  • Pure 360° sound.
  • Completely Waterproof. Water-repellent electronic components featuring P2i Aridion nanotechnology, guaranteeing superior protection against water, moisture, sweat and corrosion.
  • Custom-fit (Custom-molded) eartips for maximum performance (optional)

ShotHunt™ Standard electronic ear plugs offer three big features for all hunters and sport shooting aficionados: hearing protection, sound enhancement, and 100% waterproof construction. With a low-profile and lightweight design, ergonomic ear-tips, plus an outstanding 220-hour battery life, these hunter’s hearing aids won’t back down or give up until you do.



PRICE: $799.00

The SHOTHUNT™ STANDARD (STD) is a small convenient digital electronic hearing protector, used primarily within the firearm sports. It’s discreet and will not interfere with shooting glasses, head wear, or active target shooting movements. It is available in Hunter Orange or Brown.

SHOTHUNT™ PBS Electronic Earplugs


PRICE: $799.00

The ShotHunt™ Push Button Series (PBS) is an “all blue” unit and uses a small push button on the faceplate to control volume settings vs the ShotHunt™ Standard Series that uses a spin dial.  The user can cycle through the programs for various hearing capabilities.

SHOTHUNT™ Wireless Electronic Earplugs


PRICE: $899.00

The SHOTHUNT™ Wireless Electronic Earplug System (WEE) maintains the same P2i water resilient features but allows the use of wireless communications via selective two-way radios or mobile devices. It interfaces with a induction neckloop with PTT button for wireless communications.

ShotHunt™ provides SNR 32 protection from sound. This is a very good noise reduction rating, and ShotHunt™ will provide excellent protection from hazardous gunshot noise indoors or outdoors, on the hunt or at the range. Whenever dangerous sounds above 82dB occur, ShotHunt™ shuts off its sound enhancement, giving you that full SNR 32 hearing protection. Plush Comply® memory foam ear tips in 3 sizes help you get an ideal seal against noise.

The ShotHunt™ amplifies safe, ambient sounds up to 20dB with HD stereo sound. Volume control lets you adjust the high-fidelity amplified sound to suit your ears and your surroundings. This makes it a snap to maintain critical situational awareness and hear voices from other hunters, shooters, or your range master. You’ll actually hear better with the ShotHunt in than you would with your naked ears!

p2i_logoYou don’t call it on account of a little drizzle — or a downpour — and neither does ShotHunt™. P2i Aridion™ nanotechnology repels water from the electronic components, providing the ShotHunt with superior protection from water, moisture, sweat, and corrosion. One of the true waterproof hunter’s electronic earplugs on the market today.

For maximum performance and comfort and easy replacement, you can’t beat the ShotHunt’s Comply® foam eartips. Each tip features an ergonomic design with super-soft memory foam construction around a flexible core, for a superior fit, superior noise attenuation, and superior comfort. 3 pairs of eartips are included: small, medium, and large.


EAR Inc. offers custom-fit (custom molded) ear-tips for maximum comfort and performance. Call us for more information 800.525.2690.

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