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E.A.R. Digital Primo MM Electronic Ear Plugs


The Digital Primo Multi-Memory is our highest level unit within our electronic hearing protection series. It features additional aspects for programmability and is designed to address further high and mid level hearing loss candidates. Every Custom Electronic comes with a lanyard loop for an optional removable cord.

  • $2,900.00 – Pair
  • $1,500.00 – Single Side

custom-madeThe Digital Primo Multi-Memory is a custom made product.

To Order:

Print off our order form, and request from us to find your closest provider who will assist you in completing your order correctly, take payment and send everything in for final processing.  OR, order a DIY Impression Kit and make your own ear impressions with help of a colleague, friend, or family member.  The price of the kit will be reimbursed when it is returned completely with appropriate order form(s). 

E.A.R. Digital Primo MM Electronic Ear Plugs

The Digital Primo Multi-Memory (MM) is our highest level unit within our electronic hearing protection series. It features additional aspects for programmability and is designed to address further high and mid level hearing loss candidates.

It distinguishes itself as one of the most advanced units in the market with better speech discrimination and clarity for vowel sounds and high-end frequencies. We can also use speech-mapping software to enhance individual game sounds and isolate this from background and distraction noise levels.

This gives the Digital Primo Multi-Memory considerable advantage over the Digital Plus and Digital Basic configurations and brings the best “natural” sounding environment to the user.

The Digital Primo Multi-Memory is available in multiple faceplate colors and comes professionally packaged for long-term use and enjoyment. If you’re looking for the best in the advancement of hearing protection with enhancement, the Digital Primo Multi-Memory delivers!

Using a TV analogy, this is a HDTV at 4k resolution, and is an excellent unit for the general, and active, shooting/hunting and security enthusiast.

If you have a hearing loss this is the model for you.

What is Multi-Memory?

Originally developed for the waterfowl community, this multi-memory feature becomes very valuable to those users who are constantly surrounded by wind and miscellaneous background sounds. With a simple push button on the faceplate, the user can go from a normal enhancement/protection mode to a further suppressed background sound mode before recycling it back to the original position.

Multi-Memory units have become a favorite for waterfowl and upland bird hunting, as well as those who wish to carve out unwanted “distraction” noise without losing complete contact with their environment.

The Multi-Memory feature goes through 3 functions:

  • Full Spectrum
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Mute


  • Available in Canal, Half and Full Shell
  • Button to Cycle Through Multi-Memory Options
  • 8 Channel
  • 100% Digital Instrument with the ease of Manual Trimmers
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Feedback Reduction
  • White Noise Programming
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
  • Available in Various Colors
  • Size 13 Battery


  • Two‐way radio communications
  • Audio/music connections
  • Select‐a‐vent for archery use
  • Bluetooth (w/neckloop)

Comes with a 3 year circuit warranty, 1 year fit guarantee and a 1 year loss and damage deductible policy of $550.00/ear.

If you are an interested military party that would like to purchase these, please contact us with location and number of people you are interested in fitting.

Contact us by email or phone (800.525.2690).


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Faceplate Color

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Cord options

Corded, none


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My name is Bryon Miller and I work for a major railroad that provides services throughout the U.S.  I have a moderate to severe hearing loss and wear high quality
hearing aids provided by my audiologist. My work environment is extremely noisy and as a result I was hearing, but not fully understanding radio transmissions around
the locomotives. I could hear the radio, but the volume and quality of the of sound from the electronic ear muffs provided by my employer was not sufficient for
understanding radio communications due to excess noise and environmental conditions. For example, locomotive sounds were over amplified and made me feel unsafe.  As a result, while working in the yard I decided to wear my personal hearing aids and not use the hearing protection provided by my employer since they provided inadequate sound quality and volume for my type of hearing loss.  Eventually a manager asked why I was not wearing the protection provided by the company.  I informed him the quality of sound and performance of the provided protection was inadequate.  I could hear just fine with my hearing aids but was informed they were not allowed to be used as an ear protector.  

Consequently, I was pulled out of work for 10 months by a manager and upper management. Eventually the medical department ordered me a set of custom fit PRIMO electronic ear protectors which were digitally programmed from the results of my audiometric tests performed by my audiologist. These devices are classified as PSAPs (PERSONAL SOUND AMPLIFICATION PRODUCTS) and work much like hearing aids but are designed to minimize hearing damage due to excess noise exposure. In addition to a volume control, they also include a push button that can change the frequency response and filter down annoying background sounds such as wind.

Test results provided by my audiologist confirmed a significant improvement in my hearing acuity and these devices were approved for use by my employer and saved my job. I must also add that I tested these out while target shooting and was extremely satisfied how well they reduced impact sound.  According to my research E.A.R. Inc. ( has been in business for well over 50 years under the guidance of experienced audiologists and certified professionals involved with hearing health care.  They cover numerous markets worldwide and provide a wide range of multi-functional options for people with or without a hearing loss who want to protect their hearing. I appreciate both the product and services they provide and highly recommend that anyone or any employer in need of quality hearing protection contact E.A.R. Inc. The CEO and staff worked tirelessly to get my issues resolved and get me approved by my medical department to return to work. Their experience and product selection saved my job and became an answer to my prayers. 

Bryon Miller
Cabot, Arkansas