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SAVOX TRICS® Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller

Optimized Communication Solution for Mission Critical Operations

Versatile communication controller for radios, smartphones and intercoms

Savox TRICS enables control over multiple communications devices simultaneously ensuring flexible audio communications between teams, which translates to enhanced situational awareness.

Savox TRICS® is a fully software configurable device that can be customized to meet various communication needs.

Product Info Sheet:

Read more about the SAVOX TRICS® Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller (PDF).

SAVOX TRICS Lite is a tactical radio controller in a compact size.

Product Info Sheet:

Read more about the SAVOX TRICS® Lite Compact Radio Controller (PDF).

The SAVOXnNoise-COM 100 headset is optimal for operations that require discreet and light weight hearing protection. The headset design prioritizes user comfort ensuring it fits comfortably for every ear canal.

Product Info Sheet:

Read more about the SAVOX Noise Com 100 (PDF) earpiece.

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Savox TRICS®

The modern threat landscape is complex and tactical teams are challenged by mission scenarios demanding high-level situational awareness. The ability to respond quickly in changing environments and make informed decisions can only be achieved with a full operational overview. High-risk mission critical operations require specials tactics and set high requirements for equipment.

Savox TRICS® meets the communication demands of special missions by providing clear and reliable communication.

A NC-100 + TRICS Lite Kit requires:

  • NC-100
  • TRICS Lite
  • Clothing Clip
  • Radio Cable (either single or dual)

If you use TRICS you need to add Software version as it can do:

  • Up to 4 radios
  • Voice Amp
  • Bluetooth

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