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earinc offers educational programs

Knowledge is a valuable career asset, and we are proud to announce the E.A.R. Education and Training Programs . With E.A.R.’s 50+ years of experience in industrial and recreational markets and Dr. Robert Traynor’s 46 years of clinical and academic experience we have teamed up to provide a variety of programs that will assist hearing healthcare providers to take advantage of a new area opportunity in this highly competitive market.These new programs offer a fresh approach to hearing healthcare marketing, networking, and obtaining CAOHC certification. Our hearing care and CAOHC classes are comprehensive and may be conducted by our faculty either in Colorado or at your location. Course participants may include staff members from different companies, independent providers, audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, physicians, occupational hearing conservationists, hearing conservation professional supervisors as well as manufacturers of hearing health care equipment.



Robert M. Traynor

Robert M. Traynor, Ed.D., MBA, FNAP
American Board of Audiology Certified
Forensic Audiologist, Audiology Consultant
CAOHC Course Director, CPS/A

Garry G. Gordon

Garry G. Gordon, MS, CEO E.A.R. Inc., Audiologist
Western Michigan University 1965
Colorado State University 1967
University of Colorado 1971


CAOHC Sanctioned Occupational Hearing Conservationist Course

Recommended For: Audiologists, Nurses, Industrial Hygienists, Occupational Nurses, Physicians, Otolaryngologists, Safety Engineers, Noise Control Engineers, Occupational Hearing Conservationists (Recertification), Company Executives and providers or manufacturers of hearing protection products and services.

This is a CAOHC (Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation) approved course for certification as an Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC) or for those that require OHC recertification. Our CAOHC course spans 3 days for initial OHC Certification or 1 day for OHC Recertification. The E.A.R. Inc. course includes course materials, Hearing Conservation Manual – 5th Edition, and the CAOHC practical and written online examination.

Instructor: Dr. Robert Traynor, Certified Professional Supervisor, CAOHC Certified Course Director

Healthcare Private Practitioners Hearing Conservation Course

Our Healthcare Private Practice Professional Course is an introduction to Industrial and Recreational hearing conservation. The course provides basic information on noise and noise control, the components of hearing conservation programs, and regulations that go along with these programs. Hearing protection devices and their various types, styles, and benefits are discussed as well as practicum in the fabrication of custom HPDs and dual purpose hearing aids and HPDs. The course also provides information as to the structure of industrial hearing conservation programs and the duties of each of the professionals that maintain and administer these programs. This course also discusses the benefits in becoming a referral source for these programs, providing follow up hearing evaluations, hearing protection devices as well as hearing aids. Additionally, the course provides directions for how to use these new skills to generate income from noisy recreational sports activities, such as gun and shooting shows, motorcycle and car racetracks, NASCAR races, etc. The single day of instruction and practicum includes course materials, Hearing Conservation Manual – 5th Edition, a set of Insta-Mold Earplugs, and an opportunity to obtain an E.A.R., Inc/ Insta-Mold professional kit at significant discount. CEUs are offered for both HIS and AAA. Instructors: Robert Traynor, Ed.D and Garry Gordon, M.S., CEO – EAR, Inc. Audiologists

Independent Providers Hearing Conservation Course

This course is provided for independent hearing protection device providers to learn the proper procedures for fitting and marketing molded hearing protection and communication systems used in the industrial, tactical and recreational markets as well as specifics about the industrial and recreational hearing conservation process. Additionally, the course provides basic information in noise and noise control, the components of hearing conservation programs as well as regulations that go along with these programs. The benefits of various types and styles of hearing protection devices and communication systems are discussed including a practicum in the fabrication of custom HPDs.
The 1-day of instruction and practicum includes course materials, Hearing Conservation Manual – 5th Edition, a set of Insta-Mold Earplugs, and an opportunity to obtain an E.A.R, Inc Insta-Mold professional kit at significant discount.

Instructors: Robert Traynor, Ed.D. and Garry Gordon, M.S. C.E.O – EAR Inc. Audiologists

Professional Training for Fabrication of Insta-Mold and Laboratory Type Hearing Products

This course is a half-day introduction to the use of custom fabricated hearing protection devices and the principles of their design and use. The course has been conducted worldwide and includes an orientation to HPDs and NRR ratings as well as instruction and practicum in the fabrication of these devices. The Insta-Mold Fabrication and ear impression course may be added as an additional unit to the CAOHC certification course. Instructional materials necessary for fabrication of the HPDs are provided in addition to a set of custom molded hearing protectors. Participants also have an opportunity to purchase a starter kit at a discount. Instructors: Garry Gordon, M.S. C.E.O. and Robert Traynor, Ed.D. – EAR Inc. Audiologists

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