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Month: September 2021

Man grimacing from pain in his ears
Press Release
Garry Gordon

Partnership between E.A.R. Customized Hearing and AudioCardio

The complications of untreated hearing loss are often accompanied with complaints about consistent ringing, buzzing or chirping sounds called tinnitus. World statistics indicate over 30 million people in the U.S. have this issue and over 465 million worldwide. Remedies that attempt to minimize or eradicate tinnitus include supplements, auditory maskers, hearing aids and neuropathy type therapies often administered by hearing healthcare professionals such as audiologists or otologists. A new approach that is supported by clinical research is called “THRESHOLD SOUND

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Garry Gordon

Reducing Dependence on Attenuation for Decreased Sound Tolerance

Note: This article describes the Minuendo product. Click here to learn more about Minuendo. Reposted with permission from original author, Robert Traynor Introduction Tidball and Fagelson define decreased Sound Tolerance (DST) as an abnormal physical and emotional response to routinely experienced sounds.1 It is an auditory complaint arising from damaging sound exposure, physical disease or dysfunction, mental health conditions, injury, or as a side effect of some medications.  Patients may find these sounds merely irritating, or they may have a

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