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Year: 2018

New Regulations for Better Hearing at a Lower Cost–TrapShootingUSA

Good hearing is essential to enjoying the shooting sports for both safety and situational awareness. Clinical hearing loss is increasing and occurring at younger ages according to Garry G. Gordon, Audiologist with over 35 years of experience and CEO of E.A.R., Inc. New Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations have defined a new class of product, the Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP). While hearing aids are defined as medical devices and require a visit to a licensed dispensing audiologist, hearing …

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New Regulations for Better Hearing at a Lower Cost by Garry Gordon EAR Custom Hearing

Solving hearing protection problems

What is “acoustical confusion,” and what are some solutions to this problem? Responding is Garry G. Gordon, audiologist, and CEO, E.A.R. Inc., Boulder, CO. I’m sure most people have experienced environmental situations in which their ability to communicate was hindered. Such places include restaurants, concerts, movies, meetings, work assignments and even home environments. Should one have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, life predictably becomes more complicated and usually begins with denial, followed by withdrawal. Have you ever had your spouse …

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How Hearing Loss Happens Ear Diagram

Trends in … hearing protection

‘We don’t realize we have hearing loss until it is too late’ E.A.R. INC. HEARING PROTECTION RADIANS INC. About 22 million people are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work every year, according to OSHA. “Loud noise can create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, interfere with communication and concentration, and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries by making it difficult to hear warning signals,” the agency states, adding that noise-induced hearing loss can impair a person’s ability to understand speech and …

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Situational hearing awareness at work

Can you tell me more about hearing protection products that help provide situational awareness at work? November 26, 2017 Responding is Garry G. Gordon, CEO, audiologist, E.A.R. Inc., Boulder, CO. With my more than 35 years’ experience working with industrial, recreational, law enforcement, music, and military accounts, it has been interesting to witness how hearing protection often is selected and assigned. We all know the ramifications of excessive noise exposure, but in many cases, the selection of hearing protection is not …

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Letters: Hearing Aids and Wines

Published on February 27, 2018 Letters | March 2018 Hearing Review Dear Editor: We have read with interest the diverse articles in The Hearing Review that have looked at a range of issues and viewpoints concerning over-the-counter (OTC) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing aids.1-10 After enjoying the holidays, the first author (GG) recalled an interesting conversation at a social event. We think this may sound familiar to you. One of the guests knew Garry was an audiologist and told him that he had recently been …

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