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Waterproof Custom Electronics

Boulder, CO (July 24th, 2015)

Excess moisture has long been the number one cause of damage to the electronic hearing protection and/or hearing aids.

E.A.R. Inc.’s new WATERPROOF/RESILIENT series of custom-fit electronic earplugs have been specifically designed to meet or exceed the acoustical needs of both hunters and shooters.

All earplugs are 100% DIGITAL and automatically reduce damaging sounds that exceed 85 dB such as gunfire while amplifying quiet sounds and ensuring 360-degree situational awareness.

There are 12 color choices of faceplates and multiple color choices for shells including swirls and glow-in-the-dark. The earplugs come with a removable lanyard for those who want to minimize the risk of loss when hunting or shooting.

Available in one or two channel variations.

For more information contact E.A.R., Inc. at info@earinc.com or 1-800.525.2690 (Toll-Free Canada/US), 1-303.447.2619 (International/US).