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Press Release

Seeking partnership with healthcare providers and manufacturing companies

Boulder, Colorado, May 2020. Over the past decade hearing healthcare providers and manufacturers have been experiencing dramatic changes in market conditions. A result of PSAP’s, OTC’s, E-Commerce, manufacturers clinics, and large retail outlets such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Cabela’s, Bass Pro has, until recently, created an age of accelerated competition. The addition of the COVID-19 Pandemic adds anxiety to an already volatile market situation. In response, E.A.R., Inc. (www.earinc.com) now is focused on the development of unique strategies to assist …

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E.A.R. Inc. Announces Forensic Audiology Referral Services

Boulder, Colorado -January  2020 –  For those companies or individuals who have a concern about hearing damage that may have been caused by such situations as excessive noise, medication or an accident E.A.R. Inc has added to its’ services a source of experienced Board Certified audiologists available as expert witnesses to review any legal case with an attorney.  The role of an expert witness is to work with an attorney assisting a judge and jury in understanding the the evidence …

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New Regulations for Better Hearing at a Lower Cost–TrapShootingUSA

Good hearing is essential to enjoying the shooting sports for both safety and situational awareness. Clinical hearing loss is increasing and occurring at younger ages according to Garry G. Gordon, Audiologist with over 35 years of experience and CEO of E.A.R., Inc. New Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations have defined a new class of product, the Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP). While hearing aids are defined as medical devices and require a visit to a licensed dispensing audiologist, hearing …

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New Regulations for Better Hearing at a Lower Cost by Garry Gordon EAR Custom Hearing

Solving hearing protection problems

What is “acoustical confusion,” and what are some solutions to this problem? Responding is Garry G. Gordon, audiologist, and CEO, E.A.R. Inc., Boulder, CO. I’m sure most people have experienced environmental situations in which their ability to communicate was hindered. Such places include restaurants, concerts, movies, meetings, work assignments and even home environments. Should one have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, life predictably becomes more complicated and usually begins with denial, followed by withdrawal. Have you ever had your spouse …

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How Hearing Loss Happens Ear Diagram

Trends in … hearing protection

‘We don’t realize we have hearing loss until it is too late’ E.A.R. INC. HEARING PROTECTION RADIANS INC. About 22 million people are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work every year, according to OSHA. “Loud noise can create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, interfere with communication and concentration, and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries by making it difficult to hear warning signals,” the agency states, adding that noise-induced hearing loss can impair a person’s ability to understand speech and …

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Waterproof Custom Electronics

Boulder, CO (July 24th, 2015) Excess moisture has long been the number one cause of damage to the electronic hearing protection and/or hearing aids. E.A.R. Inc.’s new WATERPROOF/RESILIENT series of custom-fit electronic earplugs have been specifically designed to meet or exceed the acoustical needs of both hunters and shooters. All earplugs are 100% DIGITAL and automatically reduce damaging sounds that exceed 85 dB such as gunfire while amplifying quiet sounds and ensuring 360-degree situational awareness. There are 12 color choices of …

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Waterproof Electronic Earplugs

When activated, SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs provide two different functions at the same time: The digital protective function will automatically and drastically suppress all noises and sounds above an 85dB safety threshold – either sharp and brief, like a gunshot, or very long, like the noise of working heavy machinery. The corrective function will enhance all noises and sounds under the safety threshold, providing a +20dB level without altering natural hearing. SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs will easily adapt to the shape of …

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Shothunt Hunting Hearing Protection from EAR Customized Hearing


According to the military, law enforcement, and industrial groups, many of the standard type ear protectors on today’s market go unused properly because they minimize one’s ability to hear critical sounds needed for communications and environmental awareness.In response to this situation we have placed our professional focus on advanced technology that incorporates breathable, moisture resistant acoustical filters that improve sound quality when the ear is overloaded with excess noise, continuous or impact. You are now able to purchase a multifunctional …

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