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Seeking partnership with healthcare providers and manufacturing companies

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Boulder, Colorado, May 2020. Over the past decade hearing healthcare providers and manufacturers have been experiencing dramatic changes in market conditions. A result of PSAP’s, OTC’s, E-Commerce, manufacturers clinics, and large retail outlets such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Cabela’s, Bass Pro has, until recently, created an age of accelerated competition. The addition of the COVID-19 Pandemic adds anxiety to an already volatile market situation.

In response, E.A.R., Inc. ( now is focused on the development of unique strategies to assist both providers and manufacturers in the presentation of their products and services to the industrial and recreational market.  These consumers are a mostly untapped culture of untreated hearing-impaired shooters, hunters, motorcycle anace car enthusiasts, law enforcement as well as industrial workers.  While they initially require hearing protection devices it is studies indicate that 47% of these individuals require hearing aids (  EAR Inc, has a history of accessing untapped markets, creating the NATIONAL EAR CARE PLAN in the 1980s with 2500 licensed audiologists, later sold and now exists as HearUSA and HearCANADA.  

Currently, E.A.R. is seeking a partnership with hearing healthcare providers and manufacturing companies interested in gaining their 48 years of international expertise to access this market.  Should you be interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click here 

To keep informed about our RECREATIONAL/INDUSTRIAL audiology and CAOHC certification training schedules, click here!