Shothunt Hunting Hearing Protection from EAR Customized Hearing

Waterproof Electronic Earplugs

When activated, SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs provide two different functions at the same time:

  1. The digital protective function will automatically and drastically suppress all noises and sounds above an 85dB safety threshold – either sharp and brief, like a gunshot, or very long, like the noise of working heavy machinery.
  2. The corrective function will enhance all noises and sounds under the safety threshold, providing a +20dB level without altering natural hearing.

SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs will easily adapt to the shape of the user’s auricle, thanks to the ergonomically-shaped “Half-Shell” design that also grants excellent retention within the natural shape of your ear. The interchangeable memory-foam tips will also adapt to the user’s ear canals, and ensure comfort and efficiency.

The electronic “heart” of SHOTHUNT™ technology consists in a 100% digital, multi-channel processor that will eliminate all dangerous noises, leaving all others intact such as sound directionality, vocal tones, and proximity sounds, allowing the user to retain a full 360° environmental awareness.

SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs are totally waterproof, both on the outside and inside: the P2i Aridion nanotechnology provides total protection for the electronic components against water, moisture, sweat and other corrosive elements.

SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs are sold in a full deluxe package including spare batteries and foam tips.

SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs are perfectly suited for all shooting-related purposes – hunting, all shooting sports and other civilian shooting disciplines, and military and police tactical/professional/operational deployments – and will show all their excellent potential particularly in some fields, like IPSC or professional training, where the shooter must remain focused while at the same time always be aware to the orders given by the trainers or the Range Masters, and follow them.

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