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Did You Know? Digitize Your Old Custom Earplugs to Get the Perfect Fit for a New Pair

Your old earplugs can be digitized into a template that can be used for a variety of new custom ear plugs. Get the perfect fit on a variety of new plugs. Anything that fits in your ear can be digitized for free.
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Did you know that your old custom molded earplugs can get unsanitary besides breaking down and becoming less effective? That’s not good! But don’t throw them away. Send them to E.A.R to make a personalized mold for free!

The great news is that you can still make use of old ear plugs by turning them into a digital template that E.A.R. can use to make a number of new products with, like standard molds, filtered plugs, electronic ear plugs and even high quality music monitors

In fact, anything that fits in your ear can be digitized for free.

Send your old plugs in one time, we’ll digitize them, and then keep them on file. You’ll be able to then use them forever into the future saving you the time and expense to get new impressions.

Contact E.A.R., Inc. today at 303-447-2619 or email [email protected]. We’ll get you pricing and send you easy instructions. Put your old custom products in a package and send to E.A.R. as instructed. It’s easy.