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3 Great Choices for Upgrading to a Better Custom Hearing System

SHOTHUNT™ Standard Electronic Earplugs

Now’s a great time to upgrade your specialized hearing systems for hearing protection and/or hearing enhancement.  If your custom earplugs are over 5 years old, they may no longer fit properly as ears change over time. 

1. Custom Electronics

Our latest custom electronics offer multimode technology which allow the user to switch to pre-set programs that automatically reduce background noise without compromising volume. 

2. Impressions or Sleeves

We can digitally recreate new impressions from any existing product and/or offer an ear impression kit with easy-to-follow instructions or accept impressions from an active provider.  We can also make custom sleeves for any hearing products that you currently own to enhance the fit and make it sound better.

3. Budget Non-Custom Earplugs

If you don’t have the budget for custom plugs, take a look at some of our off-the-shelf products, such as the HearDefenders, DECs, or ShotHunts

Hearing needs are essential even in the midst of a pandemic.  We’re here to serve you!