Request for Repair


Thank you for contacting E.A.R. in Boulder, Colorado.

Please send your earplugs back to the below address for evaluation by our technicians. We recommend using a traceable shipping method. Ensure your earplugs are packaged appropriately for shipment back to E.A.R. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages due to carrier selection.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any items you send in with your unit(s) needing repair. PLEASE only return your units – keep all your storage cases and materials at home. Any other items that are sent in with your units will not be returned.

Shipping Address:

EAR Inc.
Attn: Repairs
5763 Arapahoe Ave, Unit M
Boulder, Co 80303

Standard turnaround time for repairs is two-three weeks once we have your unit(s) in hand.

  • Standard repair cost for customer electronic earplugs not older than five years is $165.00 per ear (additional charges may apply).
  • If older than five years the repair cost is $215.00 per ear (additional charges may apply).
  • If your electronics are still under their original warranty, you can purchase one year of additional warranty for $225.00. This purchase can only be made while your units are under their original warranty.

Should the repair have additional charges we will contact you to discuss. Please provide your credit card information on the form below to help expedite your repair.
We appreciate your business and hope to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

E.A.R., Inc.
Repair Department

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