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Sensear SmartPlug R Earphones AND Ear Plugs


Sensear’s SmartPlug R gives the user the ability to detach the earbud portion… so multiple users can use the device with their own “personal” earbud connection. Sensear’s SmartPlug R is an in-ear hearing protection solution built specifically to enhance two-way radio communications in high-noise environments. The solution complements Sensear’s SM1R series, as it is powered by your two-way radio, thus eliminating the need for a battery inside the unit.

Sensear SmartPlug R Earphones AND Ear Plugs

Sensear’s SmartPlug R pairs Sensear’s patented technology and a noise-suppression microphone to allow users in high-noise environments to communicate either via face-to-face or via two-way radios, while maintaining 360° audible awareness of their surroundings and protecting your hearing. Some notable enhancements to the SmartPlug R include a larger more ergonomic PTT module and a new detachable ear piece assembly. The SmartPlug R is also available in an Intrinsically Safe version.