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Peltor™ – Tactical Pro 7 Electronic Ear Muff


When clear ambient sound and voice recognition is required in your noisy environment, rely on the line of electronic headsets from Peltor™. The Peltor™ Tactical™ Pro 7 Over-the-Head Electronic Earmuff  has been designed with a unique frequency response that amplifies signals, voices and warning sirens while at the same time instantaneously suppressing dangerous impulse noises.

This headset is the perfect choice for a wide variety of sporting and industrial applications including IDPA/Indoor-Outdoor Shooting, Airport Ground Personal, Law Enforcement/Military Gun Ranges, Hearing Impaired Workers and Industrial Vehicle Employees.


  • Automatic shut off if volume control is not adjusted for 2hrs
  • Stereo microphones
  • Amplification of up to 18dBA
  • Advanced electronics enable amplification of weak signals but will not exceed 82 dB (A) equivalent sound level
  • Liquid/Gel filled ear cushions
  • Easy-to-Use push button controls
  • Folding headband for compact storage
  • 2AA Batteries last 270 hours
  • External audio jack for two-way radio communication hook-up*
  • 1 Year warranty
  • NRR 26dB