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Lucid Engage OTC Hearing Aids


Introducing our Premium OTC Hearing Aids – a game changer in hearing aid innovation. Powered by Lucid® technology, this hearing aid offers unparalleled, best in class hearing solutions. With decades of research, experience and data collected from our 500 Lucid Hearing clinics, we have created a hearing aid that offers enhanced, natural sound with exceptional clarity.

Take control of your hearing health and maintain your quality of life. Millions of healthy and active adults experience hearing loss, and our discreet, smart solutions will ensure that you are a part of every important conversation and stay connected to the world around you.

Designed for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss, our hearing aid features Lucid® Technology for the clearest sound and noise reduction. Additionally, it is Bluetooth compatible for streaming from your mobile device and features dynamic directional microphones to enhance sound quality.

Our hearing aid also includes assorted tips for the perfect fit and a nano-coating that provides moisture resistance. And with a 1-year warranty, you can be confident in your purchase.

Improve your hearing today with our Premium OTC Hearing Aids. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back any longer – experience the enhanced sound quality and stay connected to the world around you. Order now and take the first step towards a better hearing experience.

While OTC hearing aids do not require a medical examination for purchase, if you are experiencing any of the following: sudden hearing loss, ear pain or discomfort, any drainage from the ear, it is our recommendation that you check with your physician or see an audiologist or licensed hearing instrument specialist for an evaluation to determine if an OTC product is right for you.


  • Lucid® Technology for the clearest sound and noise reduction
  • Bluetooth compatible streaming from your mobile device
  • Nano-coating provides moisture resistance
  • Dynamic directional microphones
  • Assorted tips for the perfect fit
  • 1 year warranty
Upgrade to an extended warranty and cover any incident of loss or damage incurred on your OTC hearing aids (Engage, Engage Rechargeable or fio only) or charging module for $199.00. Receive a total of 3 years of warranty and loss & damage coverage.
Available within 90 days of purchase, Extended Warranty & Loss and Damage coverage, regardless of when purchased, begins from the date OTC hearing aids were purchased.
Each incident is subject to a deductible of $299.99. Limited one claim per year.
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Lucid Engage OTC Hearing Aids

Lucid Engage OTC Hearing Aids are the perfect solution for those who are looking for hearing solutions.

These over-the-counter hearing aids are designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Lucid Engage OTC Hearing Aids provide hearing protection without having to visit a clinic or pay for a specialized hearing aid fitting.

These hearing aids are adjustable and provide the perfect level of amplification for each individual.





Beige, Black, Gray

Mobile OS

Apple, Android

What’s in the Box

  •   1 pair Engage Hearing Aids
  •   9 pairs assorted ear tips
  •   Cleaning tool
  •   #13 batteries
  •   10 wax stops
  •   User manual

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