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Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-DF® Filtered Earplugs


Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-DF® Filtered Earplugs are super soft hydrophobic silicone earplugs. These earplugs are our most customizable product and can be produced in a variety of brilliant solid colors that can be swirled together, glitter can be added or they can be made to glow in the dark.

NRR – 22-39

custom-madeThe Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-DF® Filtered Earplugs are a custom made acoustic filtered product, click on the link below and complete our order form to start the process.


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Product Description

The Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-DF® (Dual Variable Filtered) Earplugs are our award winning custom variable filtered earplugs.

Find out more about our Dual Filter.

The filter provides variable attenuation – as the nose level increases so does the noise reduction.  Until now military, law enforcement or even coaching staffs were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual acoustics filtered earplug that was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and be hooked up to two-way radio communications – now you can! When compared to average performances from solid earplugs, the Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-DF® clearly demonstrates the ability to hear critical sounds better while suppressing unwanted noise.

Ear impressions are required for your custom-fit and proper manufacturing.

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