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EAR Band-it®


Team your EAR BAND-IT® selection up with our reusable Insta-Putty silicone earplugs for instant protection against water or noise. Great for kids recovering from ear surgery or adults trying to keep water out of their ears.

EAR Band-it®

Discover the Ultimate Ear Protection with Ear Bandit Services

Are you looking for a reliable ear protection solution that also caters to your comfort needs? Look no further than the Ear Bandit by EAR Inc., the ultimate answer to your ear protection woes. With an adjustable Velcro closure, the Ear Bandit is specially designed to fit any head size, ensuring maximum comfort for prolonged use. Not only does it offer unparalleled comfort, but it also has a reversible feature that allows you to switch to a second color on the back, according to your preference.

Made using premium quality, thick neoprene fabric, the Ear Bandit guarantees durability, ensuring it lasts for years. Don’t compromise on comfort or quality; discover the ultimate ear protection solution with the Ear Bandit by EAR Inc. today!

Ear Bandit: Protect Your Ears with Style and Ease

Ear Bandit is a unique and innovative accessory that has revolutionized how we protect our ears. It is designed to provide a comfortable and stylish solution to ear protection, particularly for those who engage in water-based and outdoor activities.

The Ear Bandit is made of high-quality neoprene material, which is soft, flexible, and durable, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use. Its ergonomic design fits snugly around the ears, blocking water, wind, and noise. It is easy to put on and take off, making it a popular choice for children and adults. With its wide range of colors and patterns, the Ear Bandit is functional and fashionable, allowing you to protect your ears with style and ease. Whether you’re a swimmer, surfer, or outdoor adventurer, the Ear Bandit is the perfect accessory to keep your ears safe and comfortable.

The patented EAR BAND-IT® ear protection system was developed by a board certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physician, and is recommended by specialists worldwide for children with ear tubes and reoccurring ear problems as well as water enthusiasts of all ages who are prone to swimmer’s ear, have ear drum perforations, or simply do not like to get water in their ears.


  • Keeps ears warm during winter sports
  • Have an adjustable, Velcro closure for maximum comfort
  • Reversible to a second color on the back
  • Made of strong, thick neoprene fabric

Size Options

  • Small fits infants up to age 3
  • Medium fits children ages 4-9
  • Large fits adults ages 10 and up
  • Extra-Large is available for purchase in our EAR BAND-IT® Extra Large Size listing

Team your EAR BAND-IT® selection up with our reusable Insta-Putty silicone earplugs for instant protection against water or noise. Great for kids recovering from ear surgery or adults trying to keep water out of their ears.

Designed for Ultimate Comfort

Designed for Ultimate Comfort – EAR Inc. offers a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone in the family. Our products are carefully designed with comfort in mind, allowing you to enjoy your activities without discomfort or irritation.

  • Small size: Perfectly suited for infants up to 3, ensuring a snug and secure fit for the little ones.
  • Medium size: Designed for children aged 4 to 9, providing optimal comfort and protection during active playtime.
  • Large size: Catering to adults aged ten and up, our large-sized ear products offer a comfortable and secure fit for everyday use.
  • Extra-Large size: For those who require an even larger size, our EAR BAND-IT® Extra Large Size listing is available for purchase. With this option, individuals of all ages can enjoy the benefits of our products, regardless of their specific needs.

High-Quality, Durable Material

Concerning winter sports, staying warm is always a top priority. That’s why choosing high-quality and durable materials is essential. Our winter ear warmers are made of a strong and thick neoprene fabric that ensures optimum insulation and protection from cold weather. Its sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting wear and tear resistance, making it a practical and reliable accessory for any winter athlete.

Moreover, the adjustable Velcro closure adds a layer of comfort, ensuring a secure fit for any head size. Its reversible feature also allows for a versatile and stylish look, with a second color on the back to match any outfit. Our winter ear warmers provide superb performance, comfort, and fashion, making them an excellent choice for any winter sports enthusiast.

Explore the Range of Ear Bandit Products at EAR Inc.

We offer a diverse range of Ear Bandit products that cater to the varying needs of swimmers, water enthusiasts, and individuals suffering from hearing impairments. If you’re looking for a comfortable and secure swimmer’s headband to keep water out of your ears, the original swimming headband and the Ear Bandit headband are the perfect solutions.

The Ear Bandit putty buddies and molds are great choices if you want to protect your ears while participating in water activities. For those with hearing aids, the Ear Bandit headbands provide a comfortable and secure fit for their devices.

Additionally, the range includes extra durable options that can withstand the rigors of rigorous activities. At the same time, the unique design ensures that the Ear Bandit products are suitable for all head sizes and hairlines. With our Ear Bandit range, you can enjoy your swimming or water activity experience without worrying about ear infections or hearing loss.

Why Ear Bandit is the Top Choice for Ear Protection

The EAR Band-it® is not just a product; it’s a solution that brings comfort, protection, and peace of mind. It’s the brainchild of a board-certified Ear, Nose & Throat physician and has been recommended by specialists around the globe. It’s not just another ear protection product on the market; the EAR Band-it® is in a league of its own.

  • Superior Protection: Ear Bandit offers instant protection against water and noise. It’s especially beneficial for individuals prone to swimmer’s ear, those with eardrum perforations, or anyone who dislikes getting water in their ears.
  • Versatile Sizes: Ear protection needs vary by age and size. Ear Bandit is available in four sizes, catering to infants and adults.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable: The product features an adjustable Velcro closure for maximum comfort, ensuring a snug fit without causing discomfort.

Who Can Benefit from the Ear Bandit?

Swimmers, divers, winter sports enthusiasts, and people recovering from ear surgery are among the primary beneficiaries of the Ear Bandit. Additionally, it’s ideal for individuals with frequent ear problems, those with eardrum perforations, or anyone who dislikes water intrusion during water-based activities.

Optimize Your Ear Bandit Experience

To optimize your Ear Bandit experience, select the appropriate size that fits your ears perfectly. The adjustable Velcro closure feature can help achieve the perfect fit.

Before using it in water activities, ensure the Ear Bandit is firmly in place, covering your ears completely. It’s also advisable to clean and dry it after every use to prolong its durability. Your Ear Bandit will provide long-lasting protection for water-based activities with proper care and maintenance.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Ear Bandit Lifestyle?

The Ear Band-it® is more than just a product; it’s a lifestyle. Say goodbye to discomfort, pain, and worry regarding water and noise protection. With its superior protection, versatile sizes, and adjustable comfort, the Ear Bandit covers your ear protection needs.

The Ear Bandit protects against swimmers’ ear and other ear-related problems, whether swimming, surfing, or participating in other water-based activities. And with proper care and maintenance, your Ear Bandit will give you long-lasting protection for all your water activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of EAR Bandit should I choose?

Refer to our size chart to find the appropriate size for you. Remember, the band should sit comfortably over the ears without causing any discomfort.

Can I wear an EAR Bandit during showering?

Yes, you can. The EAR Band-it® is made of neoprene, a waterproof material that effectively blocks most water from entering your ears.

Can I use EAR Bandit with hearing aids?

Yes, the EAR Band-it® can be used with hearing aids. However, it’s recommended to consult a medical professional or audiologist before using it.

How to avoid ear infections while swimming?

By using EAR Band-it® along with Insta-Putty silicone ear plugs, you can significantly reduce the risk of ear infections caused by water entering the ears.

How does the Ear Bandit protect against water and noise?

Ear Bandit is made of a robust and thick neoprene fabric that serves as a barrier against water and noise. It can be teamed up for enhanced protection with our reusable Insta-Putty silicone earplugs.

Is the Ear Bandit suitable for all age groups?

Absolutely. The Ear Bandit comes in different sizes, from small, suitable for infants, to extra-large, perfect for adults.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 3 × 1.5 in

Black / Sky Blue, Camouflage / Black, Forest Green / Navy, Lavender / Lilac, Navy / Green, Pink / Navy, Pink Splash / Dark Blue, Red / Dark Blue, Royal Blue / Green, Sky Blue / Red, Tangerine / Navy


X-Large, large, medium, small