| How to Order Your Customized Product

When buying a custom-fit product, you will need to follow four simple steps.


You have two choices… you can either print the “products” form found on the individual products page, or complete a printable online order form for your custom-fit E.A.R., Inc., product.  The “products” form is located on each individual products page (below the products description) under the ORDER FORM tab.


Many of our products are made just for you which is why they are called custom-fit.  For this to happen, we need ear impressions (molds) of your ears (left and/or right)!

Take the printed form or completed online “products” order form to a Authorized E.A.R., Inc., Provider .  Or take it to your preferred local Audiologist or Hearing Healthcare Professional to get your ear impressions (molding) made of your right and left ear.  Ear impressions usually take approximately 10-15 minutes to cure in the ear

For more information read our “Where To Get Your Custom Ear Impression” section located below this information. 


If sending to us directly, make sure that you send us the ear impressions and completed order form to the address on the bottom of this page. If using one of our authorized providers, they will send us your ear impressions and order form after receiving payment.


If we receive your ear impressions directly, we will call you and take payment over the phone.  This way you are not submitting payment that could be lost in the mail, or stolen.

If we receive your ear impressions through one of our affiliates, or your hearing healthcare provider, we will begin processing once their payment is received.

General turnaround for most of our custom-fit products is 10-14 business days once final payment is processed.  Custom-fit Professional Music Monitors, and various other products could be longer.  International orders could also experience delays with shipping durations and courier restrictions.  (Note: Multiple product requests, recognized holidays, weather delays, and unforeseeable circumstances will also delay manufacturing and timely delivery).

*NOTICE: Your payment has to clear our payment process BEFORE we are able to ship your product(s) to you**   

| Where To Get Your Custom Ear Impressions

E.A.R. Authorized Provider

Contact an E.A.R., Inc., Authorized Provider!  This is the most preferred way of ensuring a quality custom product. Contact our world headquarters at (Toll-Free Canada/US) 1-800.525.2690 or (Internationally/US) 1-303.447.2619.  Or contact us to find an E.A.R., Inc., Authorized Provider near you. Our Authorized Providers are trained and ready to handle all the specifics  to get your order underway.

If you are visiting the Boulder/Denver area come visit us directly, and we can get you started on your custom-fit product.

Local Audiologist/Hearing Healthcare Professional

Go to your local audiologist or hearing healthcare professional.  Find the custom-fit product you desire on our website and complete, and print, the form found on the page.  Then set an appointment with your hearing healthcare professional and ask for to have a set of ear impressions taken. Once you have your impressions, mail them to the address below along with your completed order form.  We can also work with the hearing professional directly, if they prefer.  Once we receive your impressions, we will confirm everything is marked correctly, and take payment over the phone.

Locate E.A.R. At A Trade Show

We participate in several trade shows nationally as well as internationally.  Please contact us to find out if we will be attending a show happening in your area.


| Ordering Generic or Non-Custom Products

Our online store is available to order a variety of non-custom products –  Or, you may download one of our printable online order forms and send your order(s) in via mail/courier service to the address listed on the bottom of this page.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a colleague, friend or family member, please visit our gift certificates page and fill out the appropriate fields within the form on the bottom of the page.  Then complete your purchase through our online store.  We will deliver your gift certificate as indicated.

If you would like to have a gift certificate made out for a specific product, please contact us and we’ll put one together for you.  This gift certificate will be scanned and emailed to you, or your recipient (during office operating hours) for immediate printing.

Note:  Free shipping does not apply to custom, or international orders.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact E.A.R., Inc.

Thank you for your interest and support of E.A.R., Inc. We look forward to servicing your requests.

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