Remake Policy & Warranty

Many of E.A.R.’s custom products come with a warranty for fit as well as repair and service. If you need to verify your warranty status, please call our office at 1-800.525.2690  or 1-303.447.2619  Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm MT.

You can also contact our Custom Service Department by filling out the Customer Service Request form.

Please include your Invoice, Sales Receipt or Transaction Number.

If you are trying to reach us outside of our working hours, our Customer Service Department will return your inquiry during normal business hours of operation.

Chameleon Ears™Fit Remake Policy & Warranty

E.A.R. extends a 30 day fit warranty on any custom-fit Chameleon Ears™. This allows the end user to use the Chameleon Ears™ in their environment or application, and address any fit issues they feel need to be reviewed, and or addressed.

This warranty does not cover accessories, including filters, tubing, and cords. Appearance changes due to normal wear and tear are not considered defects. Damage due to accidents, abuse, misuse, or neglect is excluded from this warranty (includes initial trial periods).

Remake Policy

E.A.R. extends 1-year remake policy at no additional charge from the invoice date for any of the Chameleon Ears™ product due to the failure of materials or workmanship. In addition, E.A.R. will remake Chameleon Ears™ within 30 days of the invoice date under the following circumstances:

  • Chameleon Ears™ were lost in the mail
  • Manufacturing error was made
  • Fit-issue was determined and verified

No-charge remakes are not available under the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect information supplied on the order form
  • Feedback or fit problems arise after the 30 days
  • The Chameleon Ears™ were lost or stolen
  • A change of style or product is requested – example half shell to full shell, change of color
  • Any Chameleon Ears™ in question of warranty coverage must be sent to E.A.R. for final determination. Upon receipt, E.A.R. will evaluate the Chameleon Ears™ and grant a warranty policy
  • replacement, if earplugs are deemed to fall into one of the three circumstances, noted previously.

Please note that open style Chameleon Ears™ are not guaranteed against feedback.

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