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Sensear™ SM1 Smart Ear Muff


The need to communicate effectively in high noise environments makes the Sensear SENS™ technology line of products a very good choice for any individual needing to understand their environment while staying protected full-time.



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Product Description

The SM1 Smart (Two-way Radio Headsets) Ear Muff incorporates a comfortable and rugged construction design with brightly colored yellow earcups for heavy duty use and high visibility out in the field. The circuitry blueprint is extremely functional as it allows for clear communication beyond 85dB(A) via face to face and with selective two-way radio use.

It is effective across all classes of occupational noise hazard including continuous, tonal and impact noise. This means you receive one flexible product that can do the job of many, reducing costs, increasing time efficiency and safety. The wearer will retain surrounding awareness while actively on and be able to clearly hear the direction of all sound, including speech and alarms. As described by one user in the industry field tests, “the ability to hear customers speak, talk on the two-way and mobile, and not go home with my ears ringing is unbelievable”.

By recognizing and addressing the global cost to occupational health and industry caused exposure to harmful noise levels, Sensear’s SENS™ technology has the potential to prevent new cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss in many occupations and active duty situations.


  • Clear two way radio communication up to 120dB noise levels (radio cables/adapters purchased separately)
  • Limit ‘in-ear’ noise exposure to 82dB
  • Connects to all industry leading two way radios (wired or Bluetooth) (radio cables/adapter purchased separately)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (lithium-ion, 7-hour charge time from totally flat to full), delivers 12 hours talk time
  • SENS™ Technology
  • Enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level
  • Remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Up to 31dB NRR

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