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Chameleon Ears™ Musician Filtered Earplugs

3.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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Chameleon Ears™ Flat Attenuating Musician Filtered Earplugs are hydrophobic silicone earplugs which are very durable and flexible.  These earplugs are can be produced in a variety of brilliant and muted solid, swirled or glitter colors.  So make them as wild as you want, or blend in with your natural skin.

custom-madeThe Chameleon Ears™ Musician Filtered Earplugs are a custom made product.  Click on the button below to complete our online custom order form to start the order process.


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Product Description

Our Chameleon Ears™ Flat Attenuating Musician Filtered Earplugs are ideal for musicians and concert attendees, but are also useful to anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments. Additionally we recommend these earplugs for audio engineers, DJs, music teachers and students, bartenders, subway riders, dentist and dental workers, and even movie goers.  The interchangeable flat attenuation filters allow the wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced volume levels. Can be ordered with a choice of 9, 15, or 25 dB Etymotic Research® filters.


Based on 2 reviews

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  1. 4 out of 5

    These earplugs are great! The only reason I went down one star is that the filters don’t always stay put when you are inserting/removing them. I found it best to rotate the top of the plug to the rear when inserting (reverse for removal 🙂 ). My wife and I are in a band and these save our hearing. They are well-worth the money.

    Mac Davis

  2. 2 out of 5

    I give these FIVE STARS
    I picked up a set of these EAR, Inc Chameleon Musicians ear plugs
    I chose the -25dB models as they are for loud impulses like drums and Marshall amps
    Went to the audiologist and they fit me with the impressions and I sent them on to Ear Inc

    The thing about these plugs is that the filtering is “flat” and reduces all frequencies equally, so that what you hear with them in is supposed to be (and is, in my recent experience) flat and musical, with all the sparkle…etc that the original sound had, but with non damaging levels

    I cranked a Blackface Twin Reverb as well as a Marshall JTM 45-100 repro (by Metro…yay!) and while it does take a little getting used to, when you then try regular foam plugs you will immediately notice that the foam plugs cut out so much of the complex relationships in the tone and the treble is just murdered, but with these EAR plugs it seems balanced nicely with good sparkle–just lower in volume

    They have filters that have different levels of attenuation, and I might also pick up a set that has lower attenuation for things that are not as loud as the above examples but still might cause damage
    The filters are replaceable by the wearer and come in different attenuation levels

    The music still sounds like music, just not as loud


    • Thanks for the great feedback. We hope you enjoy many hours of good listening at low dB levels!

      EAR Inc