Chameleon Ears™ Pop-Stoppers™ Acoustic Filtered Earplugs


The Acoustic Filter in these earplugs is used to protect your hearing from sudden impact and constant sound levels such as wind nose, sporting event noise and even gunfire. The filter is designed to contain louder sounds at a comfortable level.

NRR – 19-20 / 30-31

custom-madeThe Chameleon Ears™ are a custom made product.

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Print the order form, fill it out, and take it to your provider who will collect payment.

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Chameleon Ears™ are super soft hydrophobic silicone earplugs. While similar to our Insta-Mold earplugs, they have more durability and flexibility. These earplugs are our most customizable product and can be produced in a variety of brilliant solid colors that can be swirled together, glitter can be added or they can be made to glow in the dark.

With our Chameleon Ears™ Pop-Stoppers™ Acoustic Filtered Earplugs you can leave the “Stopper” in the OPEN position to hear critical environmental sounds and in the CLOSED position when additional attenuation is desired. The process is simple and easy and it is like having Bifocals for hearing protection!


Open Position: NRR – 19 – 20 dB.
Closed Position: NRR 30 – 31 dB.

Ear impressions are required for your custom-fit and proper manufacturing.

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.5 in