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City of Sturgis - Rally Headquarters
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Open August 5 - August 15, from 9am to 8pm daily

iPlugz® Sports Music Monitors

Bluetooth - Music Monitors for listening to music and making/answering calls with easy to use tactile touch button controls, as well as an integrated microphone.

Wired - iPlugz® Sports - Gen I are designed to block out high ambient noise (noise reduction, NRR 30) and unlike traditional generic earbuds, they "STAY" in your ear and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Compatible with SENA communication systems.

iPlugz® Sports - Gen I Wired   iPlugz® Bluetooth Sports Monitors

Custom-Fitted Earplugs

Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs- These "made on the spot" custom-fitted earplugs, are excellent for blocking out wind and road noise, as well as many other activities dealing with noise and/or water - shooting, swimming, industrial, snoring, etc. Made from a hypoallergenic grade silicone, and available in a variety of colors, these will be your best friends for years to come!

Chameleon Ears™ - Take your level of protection up a notch and get a set of these! Custom-fitted and available in a wide variety of colors, glitter, and even glow-in-the-dark combinations, these "lab-made" silicone earplugs are professionally casted and delivered to you within a few weeks. They can be contoured and shaped many different ways to suit your applications and exceed your needs.

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Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs   Chameleon Ears™

DECm Motorsports Filtered Earplugs

The DECm Motorsports Filtered Earplugs provide full frequency noise reduction. The advanced filter design also provides an open-air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort. Available with generic fit and custom options.

DECm Motorsports Filtered Earplugs   Custom DECi Impulse Filtered Earplugs

EARaser Earplugs

EARasers™ allow sound to travel much closer to the eardrum before being filtered, thus creating a more “natural” sound, which keeps the sound layering intact and allows more sound to come through in those very low and very high frequencies. This difference achieves the element of clarity that is not found in other plugs on the market today. Sleeping and music/filtered versions available.

Music/filtered EARasers™   Sleeping EARasers™