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Tracker BT


Protect your valuable items from loss or theft with the new E.A.R. Tracker-BTTM, a BluetoothTM-enabled device that uses a free app to maintain a connection with your smart phone. Clip it to your wallet, suitcase, briefcase, eyeglasses case, purse, or to our optional zippered case for storing important small items such as hearing protectors, hearing aids, earbuds, etc. You can even attach it to kids and pets!



Product Description

Over the years we can all identify someone having reported the loss of something important to them, such as electronic ear protectors, music monitors, eye glasses, purse, etc.  And….at the same time we have those who have expressed concern about not wanting to lose their such items after making a purchase.

For those clients who are concerned about the possible loss of important items or position of their ear protection or eye wear cases, we are pleased to offer our new E.A.R. Tracker BT (Bluetooth).  And better yet, the new E.A.R., Tracker will permit you with the push of a button to take pictures with both Apple and Android products.

This tracker can be attached to almost anything or placed inside anything of importance and will emit a loud signal when prompted from the application that you have added to your Android or I-Phone.  The E.A.R. Tracker-BT will also provide the end user with a GOOGLE map showing the last location where the item was placed. Finally, with the push of a button the E.A.R. Tracker – BT will enable you to take a photo from your phone.

Units are currently being offered in BLACK or WHITE.

TESTIMONIAL: While traveling recently, I had an E.A.R. Tracker-BT clipped to my attaché case. In the rush and confusion of loading our gear into the car, I left the attaché in the hotel lobby. About one block away from the hotel, my iPhone alarm sounded. I received an alert that I was separated from my attaché, and a Google map showed the hotel location. I immediately went back and reclaimed it. The E.A.R. Tracker-BT saved me time, money, and eliminated my worrying! We are pleased to make the E.A.R. Tracker-BT available to our customers.

— Garry G. Gordon, C.E.O., E.A.R.

Smart Reminding: the E.A.R. Tracker-BT maintains a connection with your smart phone and notifies you when you have moved out of its range.
Two-Way Paging: Send a signal from your phone to sound an alarm on the E.A.R. Tracker-BT, or hear the alarm on your phone when separated by a distance from the E.A.R. Tracker-BT.
Location Tracking: If your phone indicates you’ve moved out of range of the Tracker-BTTM, the app uses Google Maps to show its last location before the connection was lost.
Remote Camera Shutter: When the Tracker-BTTM is paired with your phone, you can press a button on the Tracker-BTTM to fire the phone’s camera shutter.

  • Long battery service time and working distance
  • Light and small. Easy to carry around and operate
  • BluetoothTM version: BluetoothTM 4.0 Low Energy
  • Compatible devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android, with current operating system and BluetoothTM
  • Working distance: About 75 feet (without barrier)
  • Free phone app connects up to 10 E.A.R. Tracker-BTTM units
  •  App languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish
  • Available in black or white
  • CE compliant

Many of E.A.R.’s custom products come with a warranty for fit as well as repair and service. If you need to verify your warranty status, please call our office at 1-800.525.2690  or 1-303.447.2619  Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm MT.

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