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SHS™ III Digital Electronic Earpiece


*Black is a special order color and requires an extra two weeks for delivery.

$425.00 $375.00


Limited Edition Case

Get $2 off normal retail price of $5.95.

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Additional Batteries (Size 13)

The SHS™ III (w/Active Telecoil, 3 ATC Controls) earpiece merges the function of the “wireless” communication aspect into one single “enhancement/protection and wireless audio” mode. Which means that the user will hear the radio communications as well as their outside enhancement at the same time. Meaning no switching back and forth as in the SHS™ II unit.

The memories will switch as follows:

  1. Enhancement-protection
  2. Active telecoil/enhancement-protection
  3. Mute

This unit will need to work with an induction loop system in order to understand and hear the radio traffic correctly. It can also be used in a “hard wired” configuration if desired.

This unit is sold individually, not as a pair!


  • Digital Speech Enhancement with Tri-mode Noise Reduction
  • Memory Beep Indicator between memory settings
  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Designed with Wide Dynamic Range Compression Circuitry


  • Three foam Comply™ tips
  • Two audio tubes
  • 4 battery cells
  • Zipper carrying/storage case

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