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Rionet HC-A1


Easy to put into the ear and sounds fantastic. These units are designed for immediate use for people with MILD to Moderate hearing loss. The HC-A1 is an exciting piece of equipment that sounds great. Easy to slip into the ear and use for home work or play at a cost you can afford. Comes with batteries, instructions, cleaning tools and carrying case.

The Rionet HC-A1 invisible hearing amplifier, our most discreet digital hearing amplifier, is one of the tiniest Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing amplifiers on the market. Its sophisticated hearing technology in its small and invisible form gives you a natural, crisp sound quality. With auto-adapt technology, this invisible hearing amplifier adjusts to every listening environment by a turn of its volume control. The Rion HC-A1’s compact invisible design allows for a high degree of comfort, ventilation, and customization, thanks to its replaceable tip system. In short: a tiny hearing amplifier, with an intelligent core.

When comes to selecting hearing amplifiers most people we meet express the following.

  1. Make them easy to use and affordable.
  2. Make them sound great with little or no feedback issues.
  3. Provide easy adjustments for volume control, tone, and output.
  4. Make them moisture resistant.
  5. Provide wax guard protection.



Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in