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Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro™


E.A.R’s Two-in-One Multifunctional Water-Resistant Electronic Hearing Protector and Personal Hearing Device (P.H.D.)

Quick Fit Hydros™ are ergonomically designed with a stock Half Shell body design that fits comfortably within the folds of the outer ear. With a simple twist of the shell each unit will provide a fit approaching that of a custom fit unit.



Additional Tips * 

Additional ear tips come in sets of 3 – 6 total tips.

Additional Batteries

Size 312 – Pack of 6 batteries

Product Description

QFPHDHydro-Product-tipsE.A.R. Quick-Fit Hydros™ have been specifically designed for those clients wanting a water-resistant multi-functional device that can be worn for Electronic Hearing Protector or as a Personal Hearing Device (P.H.D) for situational awareness by simply changing the tips. Use the Comply Tip when using as a hearing protector. Use the Propeller or Silicone Tips when used a P.H.D.

Like all of E.A.R.’s electronic series, the E.A.R. Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro™ is 100% digital with a multi-channel processor to automatically reduce damaging noise above 85 dB while amplifying quiet sounds, ensuring clear communications, sound directionality and 360 degree situational awareness.
QFPHDHydro-Product-SpecificationsFeatures Include:

  • Body Style: Stock Half-Shell.
  • Water-resistant
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Adaptive Feedback Manager
  • Tri-Mode Noise Reduction
  • Digital Speech Enhancement
  • 2 Channels with 12 band equalizer
  • Multi-Memory with BEEP indicator:
    • Memory 1. Normal/quiet
    • Memory 2. Some noise reduction
    • Memory 3. More noise reduction
    • Memory 4. Mute
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
  • Removable lanyard

12 Month Warranty

Battery: 312 Zinc Air, providing estimated 200 hours of use.

The tip must be inserted from the side of the rigid black ring
and must completely cover the terminal part of the unit (as
shown) to ensure the maximum grip, protection and comfort.
Use the Comply™ Tip when using as a hearing protector.
Use the Propeller Tip or Silicone Tip when used a Personal
Sound Amplifier.

The battery must be inserted correctly or the device will not work.
1. Remove the protective sticker from the battery before
inserting it into the battery door.
2. Open the battery door and insert the battery with the
flat side facing up (marked with +). If the battery is
inserted incorrectly, the battery door will not close.

The units have built-in ON/OFF switches. Close the battery
door and turn the Volume Control.
For right unit, rotate clockwise. You will feel a stop. This is
the ON/OFF switch. Rotate to max.
For the left unit, rotate counter-clockwise, you will feel a
stop. This is the ON/OFF switch. Rotate to max.
To make sure that the unit is switched on close your hand
around it and verify the presence of acoustic whistle. If you
hear the whistle, the device is in operation.
To turn off the units, rotate in the opposite direction
(counter-clockwise for Right & clockwise for Left). Or, open
the battery door.
Note: it is not necessary to remove the battery as long as the
battery door is opened enough to cut the power supply.

To increase, turn the Volume Control clockwise for the right
unit and counter-clockwise for the left unit.
To decrease, turn the Volume Control counter-clockwise
for the right unit and clockwise for the left unit.
When wearing the units, turn the Volume Controls forward
to increase the volume. Turn them backwards to decrease
the volume.

1. Check the foam tip to make sure it is clean.
2. Compress or squeeze the tip and insert the earpiece
immediately into the ear canal. Wait about 10-15
seconds, allowing the foam time to expand and
establish a good seal.
3. Ensure a good seal is provided. Your voice should be
much louder due to sealing off ear canal. If device feels
loose or not sealing (your voice not loud), try replacing
the foam tip with a bigger one and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Performance may worsen as the battery runs low. The
estimated average life of the battery is 220 hours of
continuous use. This device uses a 312 Zinc-Air battery.
Do not discard the used batteries. Keep them out of the
reach of children.
Suggestion: keep spare batteries on hand in case the
battery runs out of charge while using the device.
Battery low warning: when the battery is low, the user hears
2 beeps periodically. Time from the initial warning to the
battery’s failure is about 2 hours. Performance and protection
are not affected during the signal of imminent battery failure

Many of E.A.R.’s custom products come with a warranty for fit as well as repair and service. If you need to verify your warranty status, please call our office at 1-800.525.2690  or 1-303.447.2619  Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm MT.

You can also contact our Custom Service Department by filling out the Customer Service Request form.

Click on the button below and find your product’s warranty information. Please include your Invoice, Sales Receipt or Transaction Number.

If you are trying to reach us outside of our working hours, our Customer Service Department will return your inquiry during normal business hours of operation.

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