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Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro™


E.A.R’s Two-in-One Multifunctional Water-Resistant Electronic Hearing Protector and Personal Hearing Device (P.H.D.)

Quick Fit Hydros™ are ergonomically designed with a stock Half Shell body design that fits comfortably within the folds of the outer ear. With a simple twist of the shell each unit will provide a fit approaching that of a custom fit unit.

Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro™

QFPHDHydro-Product-tipsE.A.R. Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro’s™ have been specifically designed for those clients wanting a water-resistant multi-functional device that can be worn for Electronic Hearing Protector or as a Personal Hearing Device (P.H.D) for situational awareness by simply changing the tips. Use the Comply Tip when using as a hearing protector. Use the Propeller or Silicone Tips when used a P.H.D.

Like all of E.A.R.’s electronic series, the E.A.R. Quick-Fit P.H.D. – Hydro™ is 100% digital with a multi-channel processor to automatically reduce damaging noise above 85 dB while amplifying quiet sounds, ensuring clear communications, sound location and 360 degree situational awareness.
QFPHDHydro-Product-SpecificationsFeatures Include:

  • Body Style: Stock Half-Shell
  • Water-resistant
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Adaptive Feedback Manager
  • Tri-Mode Noise Reduction
  • Digital Speech Enhancement
  • 2 Channels with 12 band equalizer
  • Multi-Memory with BEEP indicator:
    • Memory 1. Normal/quiet
    • Memory 2. Some noise reduction
    • Memory 3. More noise reduction
    • Memory 4. Mute
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
  • Removable lanyard

12 Month Warranty

Battery: 312 Zinc Air, providing estimated 200-230 hours of use.

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in
Color Choices

Beige faceplates – Beige shell, Black faceplate – Clear shell, Black faceplate – Red/Blue shells