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Plantronics MS50/T30 Aviation Headset


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The Plantronics® MS50/T30 lightweight headset system has been an industry favorite among pilots for over 40 years and can be converted from an “over-the-head” banded unit to a simple clip-on unit for use with eyeglasses or custom molded earpieces.

Its reliability is unparalleled as it continues to serve the needs of current and future generations of pilots.

System includes:

  • Amplified microphone
  • MS50/T30-1 is 1 jack input only (PJ068)
  • MS50/T30-2 is 2 jack inputs for commercial aviation use (PJ068 & PJ055)
  • MS50/T30-3 is 2 jack inputs for light aircraft use (PJ068 & PJ055)
  • 5′ cord length

Note: For custom molded earpieces, please contact us for further information and provider locations at info@earinc.com.

Costs: $196.00 (This special order items can take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery if not in stock.)


None, MS50/T30-1, MS50/T30-2 (commercial use, 2 jacks), MS50/T30-3 (light aircraft use, 2 jacks)


None, Snap-in Boom-Bar (custom earpiece accessory)