Peltor Maxim 2×2

$45.00 $19.95

Perfected for tactical use, the Maxim 2×2 protective, poly-carbonate safety goggle is both stylish and durable eye-wear. Featuring nylon frame, vented anti-fog seal and an elastic strap for a secure fit, it offers visual comfort, clarity and protection.

  • Tough Polycarbonate anti-fog lens and high impact nylon frame
  • Vented for reduced heat and fogging
  • Excellent orbital eye protection and wide field of vision

The Peltor Maxim 2×2 Tactical Air Seal Goggle Kit offers a versatile design for military and law enforcement eye protection with air seal for comfort and protection from dust and debris. Dual lens design provides excellent orbital coverage and a wide viewing range. Ideal for jumps and close quarters combat. Includes interchangeable temples and headband. Peltor eye protection kit includes three lenses along with a case. Meets Z87.1 High Impact Standards.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in