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MiniCanal™ – Quick Fit 6™


E.A.R’s Two-in-One Multifunctional Electronic Hearing Protector and Personal Sound Amplifier Product (PSAP)

The E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Quick Fit 6™ has been specifically designed for those clients wanting a multi-functional device that can be worn as an Electronic Hearing Protector or as a PSAP (Personal Sound Amplifier Product).


• Beige faceplates with a beige shell.

• Black faceplate with a black shell.




Additional Tips

Additional ear tips come in sets of 3 – 6 total tips.

Additional Batteries

Product Description

The E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Quick Fit 6™ has been specifically designed for those clients wanting a multi-functional device that can be worn as an Electronic Hearing Protector or as a PSAP (Personal Sound Amplifier Product). Use the non-vented Comfort Tip or silicone tip for hearing protection and the vented tip or a Propeller Tip when used as a Personal Sound Amplifier.

Like all of E.A.R.’s electronic series, the E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Quick Fit 6™ is 100% digital with a 6-channel processor that automatically reduces damaging noise above 85 dB while amplifying quiet sounds, ensuring clear communications, sound directionality and 360 degree situational awareness. There are 4 memory modes that can assist with background sounds. The E.A.R. MiniCanal™ Quick Fit 6™ is ergonomically designed with a CIC (Completely In Canal) body design that fits comfortably within the ear canal.

Use the non-vented Comply or Silicone tips for hearing protection and use the vented or Propeller tips when used as a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP).



  • Body Style: CIC (Completely In Canal)
  • Water resistant P2i nanocoating.
  • Multi-Memory with BEEP indicator, easily switchable by pressing removal handle:
    • Mode 1. Indoor Mode. Basic mode for indoor speech and communication.
    • Mode 2. Increased clarity for speech and communication.
    • Mode 3. Good for listening in noisy situations.
    • Mode 4. Best mode for loud activities such as hunting or shooting.
  • Improved Adaptive Feedback Cancellation with faster adaptation times to adapt quickly to changing feedback conditions.
  • Up to 20dB noise reduction in quiet environments.
  • Ultra high audio fidelity.
  • Optimized ultra-low power consumption and processing efficiency for longer battery life.
  • Advanced technology provides a clear comfortable signal even when abrupt irritating noises are present.
  • Enhanced intelligent algorithms identify unwanted background noise without suppressing speech.
  • Removable, easy to install lanyards are available.

Battery: Size 10A Zinc Air, providing estimated 90+ hours of use.

Warranty: Limited 12 Months


  1. Large black carrying case
  2. Small black Velcro carrying case
  3. 6 Pack of size 10 batteries
  4. 3 Sets of propeller tips
  5. 3 Sets of comfort tips
  6. Cleaning tool
  7. Removable lanyard



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