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HearDefenders® Waterproof Digital Basic Multi-Memory

The HearDefenders®  Digital Basic Multi-Memory (HDWDB2MM) electronic earplugs are our mid level 2 channel units with multi-memory within our custom-fit waterproof electronic hearing protection series.

custom-madeThe HearDefenders® Waterproof Digital Basic Multi-Memory are a custom made product.  Click on the button below to complete our online custom order form to start the order process.


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Product Description

The HearDefenders®  Digital Basic Multi-Memory (HDWDB2MM) electronic earplugs are our mid level 2 channel units with multi-memory within our custom-fit waterproof electronic hearing protection series.

The HearDefenders® HDWDB2MM distinguish themselves as one of the most affordable mid-range custom-fit electronic hearing protection/enhancement system in the marketplace.  They feature a faster processor and better digital circuitry over our HearDefender® WDS model that brings out better clarity to game calls and vocal tones, with improved feedback reduction.  They will also have an adjustable volume control and passive protection of /- 24-26NRR.  Both are P2i Aridion Nano-Coated for water repellency and ideal for foul weather conditions.

Much like all of our waterproof models, the HearDefenders® Custom Series is available in multiple faceplate colors and shell combinations.  It comes professionally packaged with batteries, cleaning tools, and care and user instructions for long-term enjoyment. If you’re looking for something affordable, digital, easy to use and custom-fit for your ears, the HearDefenders® HDWDB2MM is an excellent choice!

What is a Multi-Memory function?

Originally developed for the waterfowl community, this multi-memory feature becomes very valuable to those users who are constantly surrounded by wind and miscellaneous background sounds. With a simple push button on the faceplate, the user can go from a normal enhancement/protection mode to a further suppressed background sound mode before recycling it back to the original position.

Multi-Memory units have become a favorite for waterfowl and upland bird hunting, as well as those who wish to carve out unwanted “distraction” noise without losing complete contact with their environment.

The Multi-Memory feature goes through 3 functions:

  • Full Spectrum
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Mute


  • Without Multi-Memory
  • Available in Full Shell model only
  • 2 Channel, 12 Band Clarity
  • 100% Digital Instrument
  • P2i Aridion Water Repellant Nano-Coated Technology
  • Passive Protection of /- 24-26NRR
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Feedback Reduction Programming
  • White Noise Programming
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
  • Shells/Faceplates available in various colors
  • Size 13 Battery (approximately 350 hours)

Ear impressions are required for your custom-fit and proper manufacturing.

Comes with a 1 year limited manufacturers warranty. An additional 12 months of warranty can be purchased at time of order.

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