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THE PERFECT FIT – Each custom-fit (custom molded) earplugs are handmade to precisely fit inside your ear for maximum performance and absolute comfort.

E.A.R. Digital Plus Multi-Memory (MM)


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HearDefenders Waterproof DMM+


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Chameleon Ears™ DECi Filtered Earplugs


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HearDefenders-DF® Custom-fit Earplugs


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Chameleon Ears™ Water Sport Earplugs


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Chameleon Ears™ Sleep Earplugs


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> About Our Custom-Fit Products

Since 1971, EAR Inc. has been crafting custom-fit (custom molded earplugs) hearing protection products to fit you comfortably and give you optimal hearing protection performance.

Our custom-fit products consist of three product lines… Custom-fit Electronic Protection, Custom-fit Filtered Protection and Custom-fit Passive Protection. Each of these product lines give individuals customize solutions that give best experience in hearing protection and sound enhancement.

Our Custom-fit Electronic product line consist of our HearDefenders® Waterproof Digital and E.A.R Digital products. This custom molded products come with Multi-Memory (MM) capabilities. With a simple push button on the faceplate, the user can go from a normal enhancement/protection mode to a further suppressed background sound mode before recycling it back to the original position.

Our Custom-fit Filtered and Custom-fit Passive products Consist of our Chameleon Ears™ Series and Insta-Mold® Series. Each of these product lines give individuals customize solutions that give best experience in sound filtering and hearing protection. Our Custom Molded Filtered and Custom Molded Passive products have been used for 45 years with growing success, not only in the industrial hearing protection applications, but also within the medical and recreational markets.

You can also connect existing two way radio(s) to either the Chameleon Ears and Insta-Mold Custom Molded Earplugs. EAR custom molded products have proven to be advantageous from every single angle including comfort, functionality, hygienic value, and cost! More important is the fact that custom-fit hearing protection will help reduce recordable employee hearing loss injuries.

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THE PERFECT SOUND – Whether you are a creator, a performer, or a music lover, we have the right in-ear monitors and earplugs for you.

Custom-fit Z3™ Music Monitors


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GEN II iPlugz® Sports Monitors


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iPlugz® Sports Monitors BT


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Chameleon Ears™ Earbud Sleeves


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DECf – Music Filtered Earplugs


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EARasers™ Musician Filtered Earplugs


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> About Our Music/ Audio Products

EAR Inc. provides a wide range of custom-fit and universal-fit music/ audio solutions for all applications.


THE OPTIMAL HEARING PROTECTION- Whether you need hearing protection for work, play, or relaxation, we have the right hearing protection for you.

ShotHunt™ PBS (Push Button Series)


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Peltor® – Tactical Sport Ear Muff


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Multi-Mode Impulse Earplugs


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HearDefenders-DF® Filtered Earplugs


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Insta-Putty Earplugs

$2.25 – $72.00

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> About Our Universal-fit Products

Whether at work or enjoying leisure activities, we are subjected to loud sounds that can cause permanent hearing damage. EAR Inc. provides innovative universal-fit (generic) hearing protection, sound management (filtered protection), and music/ audio solutions for leisure, industrial, music and shooting.

EAR Inc. products universal provide a wide range of electronic, filtered and passive hearing protection solutions for various applications suitable for universal fit including:

  • High attenuating mid and high frequency for industrial applications
  • Flat attenuating for musicians and industry
  • Impulse filters for shooting
  • Balanced armature in ear monitors

EAR carries a large selection of electronic, foam, reusable earplugs as well as the best selection of earmuffs. EAR also carries famous brands like Shothunt, which is a high performance flat attenuating filters originally designed for hunters and shooters. Shothunt earplugs can also be used in industrial and law enforcement applications. The Shothunt earplugs are allowing users to hear everything but at a lower, safer level, unprecedented in generic electronic products.

EAR Inc. provides a wide range of universal-fit hearing protection, from electronic ear pieces, foam earplugs, and earmuffs,  for all applications. We want you to feel great about what you hear and how you hear it.


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