What's the Leading Cause of Hearing Loss? Noise. It's everywhere. It's annoying. It can be overwhelming.

Noise permeates concerts, church, sports, restaurants, work, recreation, yard work, power saws--we could go on and on.

Defend your ears today with HearDefenders. Only $29!  

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HearDefenders are the safest, SMARTEST, hearing protection around. 

HearDefenders have won awards. They're used by the military. 


Because they're SMART while being so affordable that anyone can use them for everyday noise in everyday situations. 

For Work and Play.

They get their smarts from an award-winning design that makes it so you can hear quieter sounds while you're getting protection for loud sounds. 

If you're technical, HearDefenders-DF allow for "situational awareness." 

It is a "variable attenuator" which means as the noise level goes up, so does the sound suppression

And that makes it great for both continuous sound in addition to impact sound!


Wouldn't it be great to hear if there's a young child behind you while you mow the lawn? 

How about being able to talk to the people around you at a noisy concert but not have to be overwhelmed by the loudness of the music?


HearDefenders-TM come in 3 sizes

Only $29. Plus, if you order today, you'll get FREE shipping AND a neck cord and carrying case.

"These are fantastic. My husband and I are renovating our home and some of the power tools are so loud. These earplugs filter out the loud noise of the machinery. Love them. I got the black ones for him and the orange ones for me."

Award-Winning Benefits:  

  •  Smart: Dual filtered so you get more protection as the concert gets louder. 
  •  Great for BOTH continuous noise and impact noise.
  •  Can be used with cellphone. 
  •  Durable: Lasts 2-3 years.
  •  Easy to use and clean.
  •  Affordable. Easy to replace or get more.
  •  Get the right size for everyone: Comes in 3 sizes. 
  •  Order Now and get FREE shipping, neck cord, and carrying case!

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Ross Gets Fitted For E.A.R. Custom Hearing Protection  

Ross says: "Get exactly the right kind of hearing protection. Do the right thing for yourself and your employees. 

Protect one of your most precious and fragile senses with E.A.R. Customized Hearing Protection."  

Click here to listen to Ross and then remember to write in your order notes that "Ross sent you"! 

Eh, What Did You Say? Did you know... 

Everyday Noise Can Hurt Your Ears:  

  • Leaf Blower for 2 Hours
  • Sporting Event for 14 Minutes 
  • Rock Concert for 2 Minutes
  • Siren for 1 Minute

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Great for Musicians and Concerts

"Was really looking for some more low key, high quality musician earplug because I often go to the club and sometimes concerts and have for a long time been experiencing hearing loss but the foamies just muddy everything. 

These are pretty awesome, when I put them in at first I was like "wait, are they working? I still hear the highs!" I could rub my fingers and hear the gentleness and snap my fingers and hear the clarity and play music and never feel uncomfortable. 

Went to a concert, had to make sure they were still snugly fit because I could hear everything so well compared to the foamies I was used to!

Y'all really need to invest in earplugs to save your hearing. These are awesome."

Great for working around air compressors, power tools, in workshops

Never before available, HearDefenders-DF™ multifunctional dual-filtered hearing protectors that are specifically designed to help the user hear speech and communications better while engaged in excessive noise or loud sounds. 

"Wonderful product. We purchased this product for my husband and he is using them to mow the lawn and work in his shop. We are thinking of getting these as Christmas presents for our family and friends. Who would have thought getting earplugs for a gift, but we like it. Very reasonably priced."

Get Your HearDefenders 

Reviewed by Upland Almanac in their Summer 2019 Issue:  

E.A.R. Inc. Specialized Hearing Systems www.earinc.com 800-525-2690 HearDefenders-DF Dual-Filtered Hearing Protectors – $28-$30 (generic fit), $185 (custom fit) 

• Variable Attenuation – As noise levels go up, noise suppression goes up, allowing speech and radio communications to be heard 

• Two levels of hearing protection, they are specifically designed to help the user hear critical acoustics (sounds) including speech, while filtering out loud or harmful impact sounds  

 • Available in small, medium and large diameters – To determine the user’s ear canal size, see the chart on www. earinc.com/product/heardefenders-df/

  • Noise Reduction Rating with interior filter only is 12 decibels, 22 decibels when both interior and exterior filters are used. When testing these hearing protectors, we found them to be very comfortable without the tendency to fall out, as do inexpensive, soft protectors. After 900 rounds of sporting clays, they were still as snug and comfortable as when they were first used. 

They make hearing speech better as well while filtering out harmful, higher decibel noise. They also come with a cord to tie them together, which goes around the back of one’s neck. They come in a handy clear plastic carrying case. Available in black or orange. 

Great hearing protection at an affordable price.

Very Satisfied It was a beautiful day Saturday, 9/12 and I went up to Oakwood Outlaws near Palestine, TX to shoot for the first time since May. I want you to know that I was very satisfied with my new HD filtered plugs. I could hear the stage instructions just fine and they offered me adequate protection from the report of the firearms. Three of the stages shot were inside buildings, not just facades, and the noise protection was just fine. The only caveat, we did not have a blackpowder shooter on our posse, so I did not put the plugs to the ultimate test. Very satisfied!  


Best Purchase I Have Made These are the best investments I have made for protecting my hearing. They perform much better than I could have ever expected.  


Rated 5 out of 5 D.S., Safety Manager, Army Corps of Engineers –  

Love Them! Army Corps of Engineers The guys and gals love them! I have provided them to those that are on convoys on a regular basis. Normal earplugs attenuate too much and you can’t hear any communication. With Hear Defenders, you can hear everything and know that if we get hit by an IED, our hearing will be intact. This is critical – instead of having a temporary hearing loss after an explosion,we have our hearing intact allowing us to use our radios to call for help.

Optional: Upgrade to Custom

HearDefenders-TM can be made from molds of your ears for a custom fit that can't be beat. 

Get Custom HearDefenders

And...A Little Bit of Fun

The HearDefender Variable Protection Feature is an Award-Winner, from Occupational Health and Safety

HearDefenders-DF™ natural sound variable noise reduction ear plugs offer a unique set of features including a durable silicone structure, two acoustic filters in each ear plug, one of which is removable giving you two levels of attenuation, a form factor that lets you remove the outer filter and fit them onto a standard two-way radio headset earpiece, a removable neck cord and a pocket carry case. Dual Acoustic Filters HearDefenders-DF™ ear plugs with both acoustic filters in place, give you an NRR 22 which is ideal for motorcycle highway cruising, wear at really loud clubs and concerts, shooting with small caliber weapons, airplane travel and use in OSHA regulated industrial environments up to about 107 dB. Single Primary Acoustic Filter Lowers Attenuation When You Need To Hear Better Remove the outer, secondary filter, and HearDefenders-DF™ become an NRR 12 ear plug that is perfect for many applications in which you need to hear, but with just a little lower volume. HearDefenders-DF™ with the primary acoustic filter are ideal for clubs and concerts, for motorcycling in the city, for professional musicians, for those with hyper-acusis and other conditions causing excessive hearing sensitivity, as well as industrial settings up to about 97 dB.

E.A.R. Customized Hearing is Located in Colorado

Protecting the Hearing of Thousands, Improving Life and Work

Did you know?

E.A.R. Customized Hearing has been in your Colorado backyard for over 45 years! 

Located in Boulder, Colorado--We're here to serve you.


E.A.R. Customized Hearing owner, audiologist Garry Gordon (Center).

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