Z-Series™ Music Monitors

Z-Series™ Music Monitors

In-ear monitoring has been in integral part of stage performers for about 20 years now. Its basics grew from artists trying to avoid louder live or studio performances using individual floor wedges to hear themselves play. With multiple performers using their own individual wedges, the overall noise levels and competitive sounds created additional risk. Not only the risk to the individual by retaining a noise induced hearing loss, but also to the quality of music produced by the band.

In the beginning, artists played with available earbuds to help isolate their performance from the others on stage. However, these didn’t always work out too well due to the fact of a poor fit and reproduction of specific sounds. Thus, fully customized music monitors came about and were now more comfortable to wear and isolated the audio to the ear at a much lower and controlled level.

The specifics to each level of monitoring system, along with new “wireless” options, progressed the industry into what it is today offering more freedom to move on stage and mixing in certain tones, volume levels and pristine frequencies to match the artists genre and sound appreciation. This evolution also created less stress on the musicians vocal cords and helped audio engineers eliminate cross feedback between mics, and additional items on the stage to contaminate the mix.

Our Z-Series™ of Professional Music Monitors are sectioned out into very basic designs as well as more complex and involved models. We base most of our expertise from our audio technicians and feedback from our clients. This has given us a well rounded product line to suit the novice professional just getting involved, to the major players within the music industry.

We invite you to get involved and take part of this exciting product line but still advise caution as these devices deliver sound directly to your ears. If the audio engineer is not capable of handling your mixing requirements, be aware of their prolonged use as you do not want to experience a high level of sound exposure over a short amount of time.

Z-Series™ Music Monitors

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