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Insta-Mold® Series

Insta-Mold® Series

Insta-Mold® silicone earplugs are customized to fit your ear with greater comfort, maximum attenuation value and greater convenience. When made correctly, they provide a reliable “tissue-to-tissue” fit duplicating every crevice and contour of the ear, which allows the user to wear these earplugs for extended periods of time without discomfort, irritation or constant removal from the ear for re-insertion.

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Insta-Mold® earplugs have been used for recreation since 1971, providing an excellent solution for people looking for the best protection against water and/or loud noise levels such as shotgun blasts, wind-noise, music and power tools.

Made from a medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone, Insta-Mold earplugs offer the ultimate in comfort because they are custom shaped to each individual’s ears. This eliminates the amount of discomfort usually faced with the common expanding foam earplugs, and the constant hassles of bulky earmuffs. Insta-Mold® also remain flexible and soft throughout their lifetime giving you several years of consistent use.


Industrial accounts looking for an excellent, cost effective, PPE solution for their workforce, look no further than custom-fit Insta-Mold® earplugs. Insta-Mold® have been proven time and time again throughout their 42 year history to provide exceptional protection against noise and water when properly fit. Visit our Industrial page for more information on group fittings.


What makes the Insta-Mold® process so appealing to the medical profession is that a hearing specialist can make high-quality custom hearing protection and devices directly from the patient’s ear, at any location, at any time. There is no 1-2 week waiting period or patient revisits due to laboratory translation error as the actual ear impression is the finished product. This gives your patients a finished product the “same day” and translates into additional time for you to see more clients and increase your office productivity.

Insta-Mold® Series

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