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Electronic Earplugs


Unit Channels Multi-Memory Programable Warranty
Digital Advantage 2 * 2 Years
Digital Basic 2 Yes 3 Years
Digital Basic Multi-Memory 2 Yes Yes 3 Years
Digital Plus 4 Yes 3 Years
Digital Plus Multi-Memory 4 Yes Yes 3 Years
Digital Primo 8 Yes 3 Years
Digital Primo Multi-Memory 8 Yes Yes 3 Years

*This unit has 2 Tone-Control manual adjustments for bass and treble.

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What is Multi-Memory?

Originally developed for the waterfowl community, this multi-memory feature becomes very valuable to those users who are constantly surrounded by wind and miscellaneous background sounds. With a simple push button on the faceplate, the user can go from a normal enhancement/protection mode to a further suppressed background sound mode before recycling it back to the original position.

Multi-Memory units have become a favorite for waterfowl and upland bird hunting, as well as those who wish to carve out unwanted “distraction” noise without losing complete contact with their environment.

The Multi-Memory feature goes through 3 functions

  • Full Spectrum
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Mute
  • (Radio options can be added, but not standard)

What are the differences in channels?

A channel is what is used to control volume in different frequencies. This allows us to make more precise adjustments in a specific range of your hearing loss without effecting your overall hearing. Simply stated, the more channels, the more room we have to customize your hearing and make up for hearing loss.

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