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E.A.R., Inc. has been a distributer of of NYX Sport Glasses for years. This is the same company who ran and you will find the same products here as well and updated information.

The NYX Sports Vision System (SVS) is designed to span the wide variety of conditions that sportsmen face, specifically brightness and contrast. Brightness is the property of light which makes you squint and is controlled by varying the total amount of light being allowed through the lens. Contrast is the property of light which allows you to differentiate colors and focus on an object. This is controlled by varying the amount and type of color allowed through the lens.

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NYX Carbon Series

NYX-CarbonThe NYX Carbon Series  design is carefully crafted utilizing 6-base len curvature, which closely matches the natural curvature of the eye. This is important factor eliminates nearly all distortion properties across the normal viewing range, and makes this system the best all-around package for shooters, golfers, medical professionals and fisherman.

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NYX Carbon Pro Series

The NYX Carbon Pro Series  is designed with an 8-based curvature. This means a better “hugging” feel to the face when worn with a sleeker style and look. This design is an excellent choice for females or young adults looking for a smaller frame design as well.

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NYX Classic Competition Series

NYX-ClassicCompetitionThe NYX Classic Competition Series  is ideal for everyday use as well as multiple applications. The dual lens design delivers absolute style and comfort and quickly adapts to the ever-changing environments faced by recreational sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

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NYX Pro z17 Series

NYX-ProZ17The NYX Pro Z17 Series  follows the same “single lens” design found in the Carbon and Carbon Pro Series styles with a few changes. For one, the nose piece is adjustable. This gives the user the ability to “custom-fit” their frame to their nose or face contour for a perfect fit. Secondly, the frame is heat fused binding proprietary non-slip elastomers with a nylon Grilamid TR-90 polymer. This gives the frame flexible durability and provides a comfortable lightweight style for active users.

View the NYX Pro Z17 Series product line.

The NYX Sports Vision System products are solely distributed by E.A.R., Inc. into the shooting and hunting industry.

Sports Glasses

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