Hunting and Shooting


In the world of hunting/shooting, protect and enhance your hearing with the products shown below. Click on a product below to learn more about that particular product line.


IMG_0120 - Version 2Our SHOTHUNT™ Series automatically dampens harmful sounds that exceed 82 dB ensuring outstanding protection against acoustic shock such as gunshots and prolonged noises. NNR 32. The SHOTHUNT™ Series feature water-repellent electronic components featuring P2i Aridion™ nanotechnology, guaranteeing superior protection against water, moisture, sweat and corrosion.

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Custom-Fit Electronic Series

FullShell Digital RightOur Electronic Series has set the mark in quality and sound enhancements within the shooting sports and law enforcement aspects for over two decades. With recognitions coming from several major groups and organizations, we have developed a variety of custom models to aid you in further enjoyment of your target shooting, hunting experience, safety requirements, and radio communications.

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