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So, your company is looking for solutions that will help your Hearing Protection Program (H.P.P.) starting now and for years to come? No problem! E.A.R., Inc. offers several of the most diverse, self-containing, Hearing Protection Earplug (H.P.E.) programs in the world. From very basic designs to highly adaptive ones, E.A.R., Inc. can organize a program around your company needs and make a program that is self-sustaining for the long haul.

Our Goal ZERO Initiative focuses and factors in all that your company is trying to accomplish, along with new concepts to reduce your company’s overall environmental impact to your community.

The Breakdown

On average, we see disposable earplugs being sold by safety houses from anywhere between $0.16 per pair to over $1.87 per pair. Of course, this range depends on the style of earplugs being offered which varies from foam, silicone, gel, corded, uncorded, as well as metal-detectable.
We estimate an employee will use 2 – 3 pairs of disposable earplugs per work shift, in addition to what might be taken home for personal use which is often recommended by a company. In closer review, your company is most likely spending anywhere from $0.32 per day to as high as $3.75+ per day per employee! This calculation assumes an average work year of 240 day. With this many work days and pairs of disposable earplugs being used, the cost of employee hearing protection amounts to thousands of dollars every year!

This is where our Industrial Hearing Protection Program with custom-fit earplugs for employees provides tremendous cost savings to your company and provides high level hearing protection for your employees. For as low as $0.29 per day, you can have an employee fit with custom earplugs which, with proper care and use, will last for several years.


Our silicones and hearing protectors have been used for over 40 years with growing success, not only in the industrial sector, but also within the medical and recreational markets.

With the continued focus on reliable H.P.E.s, custom-fit solutions have proven to be advantageous from every single angle including comfort, functionality, hygienic value, as well as cost! But even more important is the fact that custom hearing protection will help reduce recordable employee hearing loss injuries.

For more information, visit our Industrial Hearing Protection Program page, give us a call (800.525.2690) or contact us.


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