Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Commonly requested earpieces for our police and military have been attached to shoulder-mics or surveillance systems for general duty patrol, or throat-mics for tactical entry.

The basics behind these earpieces is to isolate the radio traffic into the users ear versus being projected to the outside and overheard by a potential perpetrator. This will also reduce the amount of volume needed to hear it clearly and respond too over excessive outside noise levels such as traffic.

Depending on the requirements, we can suggest which style of earpiece fits your needs the best. Some of these can be also used with our electronic earplugs for further understanding of situational sounds while still remaining protected against louder ones such as gunfire and flash bangs.

Skeleton Tips Series

skeletontipsThe Skeleton Tip Series is used by operatives in all forms of undercover occupations as well as broadcast professionals such as field reporters and anchorpersons. The custom-fit design allows for two-way radio transmissions, between a base operator and field operative, to occur via a small connected clear tubing, or amplified coil, which is attached to a receiver.

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Custom-Fit Electronic Series

FullShell Digital RightOur Electronic Series has set the mark in quality and sound enhancements within the shooting sports and law enforcement aspects for over two decades. With recognitions coming from several major groups and organizations, we have developed a variety of custom models to aid you in further enjoyment of your target shooting, hunting experience, safety requirements, and radio communications.

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Private Ears™

Private EarsOur Private Ears™ gives you the ability to conceal your communications and still maintain contact with your environment. An added benefit is that you can listen “hands-free” with the radio clipped to a belt or in a pocket.

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HearDefenders-DF™ - OrangeThe HearDefenders-DF® was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications!  The HearDefenders-DF® is available in a choice of black or orange and 3 easy-to-insert sizes (small - medium - large).  All come with a removable cord.

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Law Enforcement

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